Cool Restaurants to go to in Paddington London

Cool Restaurants to go to in Paddington London

Home to some of the best restaurants, Paddington London is a central hub for tourists and those travelling to London for both business and pleasure. Not only is Paddington great for those seeking food and experience, but it is also located right next to one of the city’s largest train stations for easy transport, and it boasts some of the best hotels in the city – including The Chilworth and other boutique destinations.

With some of the best restaurants located in Paddington London, knowing what to eat and where can sometimes feel like a bit of a maze. That’s why we’ve broken down the top cuisines and dining destinations right here for you – all within walking distance of Paddington and its hub of surrounding hotels.

British cuisine

British cuisine

When travelling to London, booking at least one meal with a typically and traditionally British menu is crucial. You might decide to find a British pub for a classic Sunday roast or keep it local with as many UK-sourced ingredients as possible – whatever it is, British cuisine is a must in London.

One of the best experiences located close to Paddington London is afternoon tea at the Royal Lancaster, a hotel on the edge of Hyde Park which gives you a tasty treat to remind you of all things quintessentially British. From your close proximity to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, to the bitesize cakes and finger sandwiches neatly positioned on the tiered stack of plates, this is a chance to get up and close to the spirit of London. A must for all tourists and travellers!

Another top ranked dining experience and one of the best restaurants in Paddington London can be found at The Chilworth itself. The hotel’s restaurant is home to a classically and authentically British menu, curating ingredients from across the UK and putting the spotlight on truly British cooking. Dishes include a classic English breakfast for hotel guests, a truly British afternoon tea experience for all guests, and a delicious dinner menu which combines the spotlight British ingredients with contemporary and innovative cooking techniques.

Finally, we have the Sea Shell of Lisson Grove, home to some of Paddington London’s best seafood and a really great way to spotlight the endless coastline enjoyed by the United Kingdom. From our market towns along the south coast to the hills of Scotland, seafood is a staple of British cuisine, and this is one of the best restaurants in the area for fish dishes.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine

You can’t go wrong with Italian cuisine, and as a result this is one of the top searched for restaurant types by travellers from all locations and walks of life. From chain restaurants to independent boutique eateries, finding a great pizza or a bowl of pasta is not difficult in London – but here are some of the best options within walking distance of Paddington London.

  • L’Angolo Bianco – one of the top ranked restaurants in the area, L’Angolo is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. The menu is affordable, the portions are a good size, and the quality of the food is second to none.
  • Taormina – an authentic dining experience, when you step into this restaurant you will genuinely feel like you’ve been transported straight to the heart of Italy.
  • Carriages – a pizzeria inside Paddington station itself, this is the ultimate go-to for those commuter dinners and quick dinner meetings before heading home for the night.

Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine

London locals and traveller love Asian cuisine, with the city full of quick service and sit-down dining experiences which revolve around Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food to name but a few. Some of the top eateries and best restaurants around Paddington London for Asian cuisine include:

  • Nipa Thai – overlooking Hyde Park, this restaurant combines a great menu with a unique setting, and a truly luxurious dining experience for diners from all walks of life. Diners herald the staff and quality of service as well as the menu and claim the experience to be truly authentic.
  • Junsei – a Japanese restaurant in a premium setting, this restaurant is always busy and so it is recommended that diners always book in advance. Meals are innovative in terms of flavour and presentation, making this a great go-to for a memorable celebration as well as a weeknight dinner.
  • Pearl Liang – Chinese food with some subtle British twists, this restaurant delivers the full experience and introduces diners to new and exciting dishes and flavours. The interior is simple, but the food is enough to delight any guest.
  • Bombay Palace – light, bright, and open, this restaurant serves high end Indian food and can cater to any and all dietary preferences and allergies. It is particularly popular with diners who are looking for a high quality experience and great food, but without the formality that comes with many of the central London high end restaurants.

Booking your perfect meal

When it comes to locating and booking the best restaurants, Paddington London has it all – and once you’ve finished your meal, you’ll find that you are in the perfect spot for a walk around Hyde Park, Regents Park, or the city streets by night. With so many different cuisines on offer, London is a hub of diversity and attracts diners and business owners from all over the world – including Chefs and restaurant owners who all have their own dishes and ideas to serve up to the city population.

For more advice on where to dine in London, you can always get advice from online forums or from the reception or concierge staff at your chosen hotel. These team members will also be able to advise you on bookings and transport, so make sure to tap into their knowledge whenever you need some advice or guidance.