Westminster: Where to find Good Food After Visiting

The Chilworth Restaurant

Westminster is one of the most impressive sights in all of London. It’s a unique and powerful feeling being so close to the home of British parliamentary democracy. Knowing that the most powerful men and women in the nation’s history all debated and cajoled right there is something very special.

After taking in Westminster and its lovely surroundings, you might be a little peckish, so let’s look at some of the best eats in Westminster.

The Cinnamon Club

A truly beautiful location, The Cinnamon Club is a 6-minute walk from the Palace of Westminster and an experience all its own.

The food on offer is some of the best Indian food in London, and maybe the country. It’s housed in the former Westminster Library – a Grade II listed building – and you’ll eat surrounded by rows of books in a truly unique atmosphere.

Cinnamon Club prides itself on providing classic cuisine but also innovating and changing up the menu on a regular basis. After your meal is done and belts suitably loosened, it’s only a 20-minute Tube ride back to The Chilworth Hotel Paddington.


Only a short walk from the Houses of Parliament, Quirinale has a sterling local reputation for amazing Italian food and a light, breezy atmosphere.

Quirinale is all about classic, authentic Italian dishes made to the highest standard. The wine list is very comprehensive, offering the perfect complement to whatever food you plump for. The restaurant also offers a stripped-down, but amazing, desert menu that are really worth trying out if you still have the room.

It’s close to local transport links and you can be back in your accommodation in Paddington, London in less than half-an-hour.

Roux at Parliament Square

Founded by Michele Roux – he of television and Michelin Star fame – Roux at Parliament Square has quickly established itself as one of the finest restaurants of any stripe in the area.

The interior and décor is super-stylish but also relaxed and welcoming. It’s one of those places where you go for the food, but the surroundings are just as stunning. The food is very British-centric, with modern, international twists. You might want to try out the Dorset crab and fermented chili, or perhaps the sea trout with caviar, cucumber and dill. In all honesty, the entire menu is amazing and it’s not easy to choose just one thing.

Roux at Parliament Square also has a great drinks selection, covering everything from classic martinis to unique cocktails. It’s the perfect place to eat if you don’t feel like seeking out restaurants near Paddington and want somewhere in the heart of Westminster.


A café and a restaurant, SAPORI is a local favourite and features heavily in ‘best of…’ lists for eateries in Westminster. It’s the ideal place for a spot of lunch or something more substantial before heading back to your room at The Chilworth Hotel Paddington.

SAPORI bakes their own fresh bread daily, offers well-made coffee in all it’s forms and generally has a bright, inviting feel. They use lots of fresh ingredients in the offerings – like the amazing chorizo, rocket and sundried tomato sandwiches – and there’s a good selection of delicious cakes on offer too.

London by Hoof: The Best Places to Experience London on Horseback

Horse Riding

There are a number of ways to explore and enjoy London. You can see what London has to offer by helicopter, by boat, by bus, by bike or on foot. But you can also experience London on horseback, which is a totally unique and magical way to do it – and something not many people can say they’ve done.

Although London is a city of hustle and busy streets, there are still a good number of venues offering the opportunity to climb aboard a beautiful horse and take in some scenic sights.

Ross Nye Stables

Right on Hyde Park and less than 20-minutes from your room at the Montcalm Chilworth London Paddington, Ross Nye stables is a trusted and experienced venue that offers amazing horseback rides around the beautiful Hyde Park.

Run by the eponymous Ross Nye, the stables have been offering rides for novices and experts alike for 50 years. Originally from Australia, Ross Nye was a cattle station rancher. Moving to London, he took over a small stable and expanded it into one of the pre-eminent London riding schools.

You’ll ride your horse at a relaxing canter around the beautiful Hyde Park surroundings, accompanied by the trained and experienced staff. From the ride, you’ll be able to see many central London landmarks before reflecting on a day well-spent at one of our Paddington Station hotels.

Wimbledon Village Stables

Half an hour via Tube from the Montcalm Chilworth London Paddington, Wimbledon Village Stables is an award-winning stable in an absolutely beautiful setting.

Making the most of the various trails and greenery-infused routes around Wimbledon Village, the stable has been offering horse rides for beginners and experts alike for years. The staff are incredibly helpful and fully trained, able to guide even the most clueless rider along an unforgettable journey.

For those with a little bit of trepidation, Wimbledon Village Stables also has a fully interactive horse riding simulator! So you can get some experience without going for the real thing right away. It’s the perfect way to spend a day and well within reach of anyone staying at Montcalm accommodation Paddington London.

Hyde Park Stables

Offering group and private horse riding, Hyde Park Stables is perhaps the best-known of the London-based stables. A 15-minute walk from Montcalm Paddington Station hotels, it’s a great place to get a feel for riding, all in the lovely confines of the huge Hyde Park.

Rides start from 9am, with the last ride of the day setting off at 4pm and the stables are open seven days a week. You can make your choice between a horse or a pony, leading your chosen ride along 5-miles of trails. You can choose to go solo, with a friend or as a family and staff are fully-trained and experts at making a horse rider out of even the most nervous person.

It’s an amazing experience and something truly unforgettable.

Amazing Architecture in and Around Paddington

Paddington Basin

One of the defining aspects of London is the amazing mix of architecture on show throughout the city. London is a place where the new and outlandish sits right alongside buildings that are hundreds of years – or more – older. It’s one of the joys of exploring the city, as you never know what’s around the corner.

Paddington is no slouch in this area, and there’s much to see whether you prefer the new or the old.

St Mary Magdalene Church

A short hop from The Chilworth Paddington Hotel, St Mary Magdalene Church is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture. With a red and white brick striped spire, capped off by white stone, the design is classic Victoriana and still in wonderful condition.

It’s a grade 1 listed building and nearly all of the original features and adornments are still in place. The interior is grander that you might suspect, and sums up the strange duality of Victorian design, being staid and grand all at once. Try and go during the morning or evening, when the sun hits the original stained glass windows, as it truly is a beautiful sight. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a trip down into the crypt. Afterwards, visit one of the many fine restaurants near Paddington, for a very nice start or end to your day.

The Battleship Building

Built in 1969, this building was somewhat controversial when first unveiled. Contemporary architects accused it of being too brutal-looking and outlandish with its jutting central pillar and rounded design. Today, it’s seen a classic example of 60’s architecture, designed and built for a future that never really came to pass.

Still, it is a very unique and different building and one that says much about the design aspirations of its creators. It was envisioned to sit in a city that would all be modern, eccentric designs – basically the 1960’s view of how London would look in the future – but instead remains as a strange outlier of the times. You’ll be around the numerous restaurants near Paddington, so take in the wider area and then retire for a nice bite to eat.

Paddington Station

Taking the opportunity to grab one of Montcalm’s London hotels special offers, you’ll be well placed to appreciate the architecture and history of Paddington station.

Only a few minutes from The Chilworth Paddington Hotel, Paddington station is a beautiful building with a rich background. Designed by none other than Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it’s easy to see his genius at work in the grand, forward-looking design of Paddington Station. It’s not just because the station is so famous and beautiful that not much has changed since Brunel’s day, it also because his work was so good and so forward-thinking that there hasn’t been a need to make major, overarching changes. The lines and platforms may have been expanded, but the building itself remains remarkably like the vision Brunel had over a hundred years ago.

What’s on Stage: Your Guide to the Best Theatre This Month


For theatre-lovers, there’s no better place in the world to see the best shows in amazing surroundings than London. Broadway might have a claim, but its history pales in comparison to that of London’s West End. You can’t see a show on Broadway in a theatre that people have been coming to for hundreds of years.

July is no slouch when it comes to great theatre in London, so let’s look into what’s on this month.

Les Misérables – The Queens Theatre

A classic tale moulded around the French revolution, Les Misérables has been enchanting audiences – and bringing them to tears – for decades now, and this run is no exception. The theatre is only a ten-minute Tube from The Chilworth Hotel Paddington, so you don’t have very far to travel at all.

The cast is a good one, peppered with known names and some fresh faces. Dean Chisnall takes on the main role of Jean Valjean, with Amara Okereke making a very good Cosette. The whole case has a good mixture of musical and acting pedigrees, with this run seeing significant critical praise.

If you’ve seen Les Misérables before, it’s a great version and still a joy. If you’re a novice to the trials and tribulations of the various characters, you’ll find a thoughtful, well-directed musical that’s sure to tug at your heart strings. Afterwards, retire to your Montcalm accommodation Paddington, London and try and come down from the buzz of witnessing a top musical theatre production.

Wicked – Apollo Victoria Theatre

An ongoing smash hit, Wicked has cemented its place as one of the modern classics of musical theatre.

The great story looks back in time to before the events of The Wizard of Oz, and at the relationship of a young Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West. In that regard, it’s a prequel of sorts and is based on the book by Gregory Maguire. The Apollo Victoria theatre is no more than a 20-minute Tube from your Montcalm hotel and a great way to make the most of our luxury London hotels special offers.

Wicked follows the two young women as they meet in sorcery school and examines, through great musical numbers and flawless acting, the diverging paths of the two female protagonists.

The music is absolutely amazing, written by many-time Oscar and Grammy winner Stephen Schwartz. It’ll be very hard to restrain yourself from an impromptu dance in the aisles but that type of thing does tend to be frowned upon, so try your hardest.

Dreamgirls – Savoy Theatre

A winner of Tonys, Grammys and Olivier Awards, Dreamgirls is one of the quintessential theatre experiences. Originally premiering 35-years ago, Dreamgirls has gone on to become a smash hit theatre show and a very good film adaptation starring Beyoncé. The Savoy Theatre is just a 15-minute Tube journey away from The Chilworth Hotel Paddington, and Dreamgirls is well worth the short journey.

The Savoy Theatre is a beautiful venue for this glitzy, heartfelt story tracing the rise of three hard-working girls from Chicago. Working their way up the ladder of success, they find that there’s more to making it than just being talented.

It’s a big, fun, often emotional show and one you won’t want to miss.

The Best Art Galleries in and Around Paddington

Art Gallery

When it comes down to it, London is one of the premium art destinations in the world. It’s home to mega-galleries like the Tate Modern, but also the site of a raft of huge museums and exhibition spaces dealing in classic art, some hundreds of years old. If you love art, London is the place to get your fix.

Paddington is no slouch in this area, either. The immediate environs have a number of great galleries, all offering something different and unique. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best.

Maddox Gallery

A 15-minute walk from Montcalm’s Chilworth Hotel London Paddington, Maddox Gallery specialises in contemporary and modern art, with exhibitions constantly ongoing, and new work always on display.

It’s a chic, ultra-cool space and one of the bigger galleries in the area. The current roster of artists on display includes Michael Moebius, David Yarrow and Andy Warhol. The Current ‘Spring Contemporary 2018’ group exhibition aims to bring together many of the most well-known artists from around the globe, with pieces from Banksy, Julian Opie, Damian Hirst and pop-art pioneer Roy Liechtenstein all on show.

It’s a great gallery and worth visiting after a spot of afternoon tea near Paddington in one of the many nearby cafes and bistros.

Cube Gallery

Just across from Paddington and on the edge of Marylebone, Cube Gallery has been specialising in the quirky and the new since 2011.

Cube Gallery is only a 15-minute walk from Montcalm’s Chilworth Hotel London, Paddington and it’s definitely a location worth making the time to see. Cube features work from British and international artists, focusing on established and emerging talents, so you’ll have the chance to see some names you know and some you’ll probably know very soon.

The space is very light and airy, and the staff welcoming. If you’ve plumped for one of our London hotels deals or special offers, you’re already close by and it’d be a crime not to visit.

Démodé Arts Gallery

With a more earthy, shabby chic aesthetic, Démodé Arts Gallery is not just an amazing repository of art, it’s a great location in its own right.

Right in the heart of Paddington, it’s less than 5-minutes from your Chilworth Hotel London Paddington by foot and one of the best art galleries in the area. It’s all stripped stone walls and comfy chairs, with art hanging all around. It feels more like a visit to an eccentric, art-loving friend’s house than a sterile gallery, which is a big part of the charm of Démodé.

Dealing in classic and contemporary art, the gallery has a huge range of paintings, sculptures and other works, all stunning. Démodé has a welcoming atmosphere and an eclectic style that feels very modern and on-trend. You’ll get to see a great range of different styles and artists, some you may recognise and some you won’t. Either way, it’s all great art.

A Guide to Paddington’s Best Parks

Holland Park

London is littered with green spaces, from the tiny to the humongous. Indeed, London is home to some of the most famous parks in the world. There’s nothing better than escaping the bustle of the city and getting away from it all.

Happily, Paddington is close to a number of great green spaces, all within close proximity to The Chilworth London Paddington Hotel. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the very best.

Paddington Street Gardens

Just a seven-minute walk from The Chilworth London Paddington Hotel, Paddington Street Gardens are two lesser-known, but still stunning parks, close to Paddington.

Built in the 18th century, the two small gardens were originally the site of burial grounds for the nearby St. Marylebone Church. Reformed into public gardens in 1885, a few headstones and the mausoleum remain as a reminder of the original purpose of the gardens.

The gardens are the true definition of hidden gems and provide a nice, quiet place to sit and eat some lunch before getting back into the fast pace of the city. It’s the ideal place to retire to and plan your day or to relax of an evening before returning to your Montcalm accommodation in Paddington, London.

Holland Park

A ten-minute journey from The Chilworth London Paddington Hotel, Holland Park encompasses a huge amount of land, with a café on site and places for the kids to play. It’s also one of the most beautiful parks in London.

Featuring both amazing sculpted flower beds and design areas, Holland Park also contains a large woodland area, alive with wild flowers and animals. There’s also an ecology centre based on Holland Park, which runs a programme of varied events and works to increase children’s engagement with nature.

You’ll also want to check out the stunning Kyoto Garden, a faithful and tranquil Japanese garden that is the perfect place for a spot of lunch in the sun. Consider making the short trip after a good night’s sleep at our Montcalm London hotels including special offers with breakfast.

Kensington Gardens

No list of parks close to Paddington would be complete without the inclusion of Kensington Gardens. With royals still living on site in the beautiful Kensington Palace, the gardens are awash with history and lots to see and do. What’s more, it’s close to your Montcalm accommodation Paddington, London and within easy walking distance.

Abutting the equally-famous Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens is filled with the fingerprints of the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself grew up in the palace and met her future husband Albert at a function there. A 180-foot tall memorial stands in the gardens, commissioned by Queen Victoria to honour her departed husband. Also on site is the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, as is Queen Anne’s Alcove, where the royal would reflect and relax.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also two galleries displaying contemporary art right in the park. The two Serpentine Galleries are a great experience and a place to see some of the best modern artists and architects working today.

The 3 Best Restaurants for Al Fresco Dining in Paddington


During the long-awaited summer months, there’s nothing better than a little outdoor dining. We don’t see too much of the sun in this country of ours, so it’s worth making the most of it when it’s around. Happily, Paddington has some great eateries with terraces and outdoor seating.

With this in mind, let’s take an overview of a few of the best al fresco restaurants near Paddington.


Not open all year round, Pergola is more a dedicated outdoor dining experience than a restaurant with a terrace. Open April to October, Pergola is right in Paddington and only a short walk from your room at the Chilworth Hotel.

Hidden away, Pergola features stunning al fresco dining gardens and a plush rooftop bar, which should be more than enough to satisfy your outdoor dining needs. There are two bars – one on each floor of Pergola – and the design is beautiful, with flowers and live plants everywhere.

Pergola actually brings four eateries under one roof, offering you a choice between Patty & Bun, Canard, MAM and DF/Mexico, with a range of foods that are sure to satisfy any palette. It’s close by to several Montcalm hotels and you’ll be within a stone’s throw when you choose one of our luxury London hotel special offers.


Operating since 1957, Bizzarro offers classic, authentic Italian food with great outdoor seating. It’s one of the best Italian restaurants near Paddington and the perfect place for a spot of dinner.

The menu at Bizzarro is robust, with offerings covering every area of Italian cuisine, with something for everyone. The mixed seafood spaghetti is a particular highlight, but then so is the linguine with spinach and mushrooms. You’ll probably be hard pressed to make a choice, such are the options on offer.

Like all good Italian restaurants, there’s a very healthy wine list too and the dessert menu offers up Italian classics that are to die for. It’s an unpretentious, classic Italian restaurant and only a short jump from the Chilworth Hotel.

The Darcie and May Green Barges

Outdoor dining doesn’t get much better than a floating restaurant, and that’s just what Darcie and May Green Barges offer. Vibrant, eclectic and very relaxed, Darcie and May Green is split across two former river barges, with an open air upper deck on each. It’s one of the most unusual restaurants near Paddington and probably one of the most well-loved.

This isn’t just a case of style over substance, however, as the food more than matches the amazing surroundings. Brunch, lunch and dinner are all on offer, with the focus being on fresh, healthy food. The coconut quinoa porridge is a good way to kick off the day, or you might prefer the award-winning banana bread sandwich. There really is a stunning array of food on offer, and any number of options are guaranteed to blow your taste buds away.

Your Guide to Paddington’s Beautiful Waterside

Little Venice

One of the best things about visiting London is finding something you’ve never seen before. Even better is finding something that feels like it has no place in the capital and seems more suited to a bucolic countryside setting. This is exactly what you get when exploring Paddington’s waterways.

Only a stone’s throw from your room at The Chilworth London Paddington hotel, the waterways of Paddington are the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city and simply relax.

The Paddington Arm

This long section of water connects Paddington to the Grand Union Canal, which was once the artery through which London’s goods and trade passed. Today, the Grand Union Canal is a wonderful stretch of water full of barges, canoers, and wildlife, and the Paddington Arm is one of it’s best stretches. Staying in one of our Montcalm hotels near Paddington, you’re within walking distance of this beautiful, hidden gem.

There’s a great deal of history along the Paddington Arm, taking in the warehouses that were once the beating heart of London’s economy. There’s also Kensal Rise Cemetery, where boats used to bring the recently departed and drop them off at the landing platforms.

Aside from the history, the Paddington Arm is also littered with bars, cafes and restaurants, so there’s plenty of places to take a breather and it’s so close to The Chilworth London Paddington, that you can always retire to your room for a couple of hours after a good explore.

Little Venice

The confluence point of the Paddington Arm and Regent’s Canal, Little Venice is a slice of the country right in the heart of London. Choosing one of Montcalm’s Paddington hotel special offers, you’ll be well placed to enjoy everything Little Venice has to offer – which is a great deal.

Lined with weeping willows and grand houses, Little Venice feels a world away from the intensity of the city. It’s very popular with European visitors to London, who often find themselves amazed that such a place exists, with the popular image of London being one of heaving street, traffic jams and masses of people.

Alan Turing – whose name graces an English Heritage plaque there – was a famous resident, as was English poet Robert Browning. In fact, keep an eye out for Browning’s Pool, named in his honour.

Little Venice is also lined with great pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, all providing something different. Whether it’s continental cuisine or a traditional pub you’re after, Little Venice has it. It’s barely a 10-minute walk from The Chilworth London Paddington, so there’s no reason not to explore this amazing area of London.

Paddington Basin

As if all that wasn’t enough, the ongoing regeneration of the Paddington Basin has also added a raft of activities of which you can partake.

Merchant Square, for example, offers the opportunity to indulge in water sports, or the option to rent your own small boar and explore the waterways. There are beautiful gardens on-site, and it’s the perfect place to catch your breath away from the crowds.

Whatever your choice, Paddington has glorious waterways that are just waiting to be explored.

The Best Walking Tours in and around Paddington

Grand Union Canal in West Drayton

There’s so much to see and do in London that it can be hard to choose from all the shopping, sights, and great food and drink. Paddington alone has a great deal to do and see and is an area rich with history. Sometimes you just need to get on foot and explore, and that’s exactly what a good walking tour offers.

You get to know the area, learn something about it and be entertained. There’s nothing quite like peeling back the history and learning something new. With this in mind, let’s go over some of the best walking tours within well, walking distance of The Chilworth London Paddington.

Marylebone Food Tour

Offered by London From Scratch, the Marylebone Food Tour covers a wide range of eateries in this lovely, eclectic part of London. Lasting three and a half hours, the tour will take you to the glitziest establishments and the best local spots for everything from artisanal coffee to Syrian cuisine. If you’re too full for lunch or dinner after the tour, you can always go back to your Montcalm hotel and indulge in the best afternoon tea in London.

As you sample all the delicious treats on offer, the experienced tour guide fills you in on the local history and outlines what a truly cosmopolitan area Marylebone really is. London from Scratch tends to keep its tour groups small, so you won’t be with more than ten people, and the tour location is only a ten-minute walk from our hotels near Paddington Station.

The Grand Union Canal

Covering Little Venice and Paddington Green, this tour from London Walks takes you into parts of the capital you never knew existed.

You’ll track a route along the beautiful Grand Union Canal, hearing about the local history and the good and the great who once graced the area. Little Venice itself is a gem of the area, and probably one of the most beautiful parts of London. It’s called Little Venice for a reason, and you’ll feel more like you’re in one of the home counties than the centre of London.

Tours kick off from Paddington Tube, which is less than 5-minutes from The Chilworth London, Paddington. It’s a great walk and even better during the summer months, when the waterways are alive with barges, and there are some great pubs and restaurants to note down for later.

Haunted London: Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour

This two and a half hour tour combines the fictional and the real, the old and the new, to create an entrancing view into London’s murky past. The tour starts at Victoria Coach Station, which is a 15-minute Tube from Montcalm hotels near Paddington Station

It’s a combination of walking tour and bus tour, with your ride for the night a retro London double-decker, with multiple stops along the way to see some infamous locales. The tour covers all the most famous sites mentioned in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes novels and also throws in the execution sites of King Charles I and William Wallace. It also covers the sites associated with the infamous crimes of Jack the Ripper, steering a perfect course between informative and dramatic, without feeling exploitative.

The Best Paddington River and Canal Cruises for Time Pressed Travellers

London Canal

Outside of the usual ways to experience London, a cruise on the water can afford a great deal of insight into the city from a completely different angle. When most people think of London, they think of roads, double decker buses and taxis. They don’t think about a relaxing river cruise – but they are there if you seek them out.

Paddington itself is home to miles of waterways, connecting with other London canals that spider throughout the whole capital. If you’re looking for a unique, unforgettable way to see London whilst based at The Chilworth London Paddington, a waterway cruise could be just the thing.

London Waterbus Company

Providing a service that has been running for years now, the London Waterbus Company is a fabulous way to explore the waterways of London.

Picking up from Little Venice – a ten-minute walk from The Chilworth London Paddington – you will be taken on a comprehensive tour of the local waterways. You’ll wend your way, at a nice, leisurely pace, from Paddington and past Regents Park and then passing inside London Zoo. If you then want to visit the zoo itself, entry is included in the tour ticket price and you can skip the queues at the main gate – happy days!

If you’re more pressed for time, you can skip that and just stay on board for the return journey. Once you’re done, you can indulge in some great food at one of the many restaurants near Paddington station, which are all within easy walking distance from the Little Venice drop off point.

GoBoat London

Quickly establishing itself as a London institution, GoBoat gives you the chance to captain your own boat and take to the water.

It’s London’s only self-drive, powered boating experience and it is wildly popular. Picking your own route along the canals of Paddington and further afield, each boat has an on-board table and can accommodate up to eight people. This makes it easy to put together a nice picnic and hit the waves – well, the sedate waterways of Little Venice, but you get the idea.

You can hire a boat for one, two or three hours and the longer option is advised for weekend boat trips due to increased traffic. Even better, it’s only a short journey from The Chilworth London Paddington, so you don’t have far to go for this awesome experience.

Canal and River Cruises Ltd.

Operated by the Canal & River Trust, this tour departs from nearby Little Venice, so you can treat yourself to a Montcalm spa near Paddington before heading out.

The tour caters from private parties of 1 to 12 people, and you’ll be setting sail aboard the ‘Lady A’, a lovely little boat to spend the day on. The tour generally takes 2-3 hours and moves through the swanky Maida Vale, Lisson Grove and then Regents Park. If you fancy it, you can always jump off at Camden for a few drinks or some food. If not, you get to enjoy the return journey of this very relaxing, enjoyable canal tour.