8 Benefits of Meditation


If you’ve always thought about starting a meditation practice, a fresh year is the perfect time. Meditation is about more than chanting or trying to sit still for hours on end – just by incorporating a few minutes of practice every day, it can help reduce stress levels and help you feel calmer, happier and healthier overall.


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Incredible Benefits of Meditation


If you’re planning a visit to The Chilworth Hotel Paddington and curious about what to expect from your meditation session, read on to find out how meditation can benefit you, in a number of ways.


Reduce Stress


One of the top benefits people will often find from regular meditation practice is a reduction in stress levels. While meditating won’t make stressful events in life disappear, it can help change how you react to them.

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Regular practice of mindfulness meditation has been found to regulate the release of stress hormones in the body, such as cortisol. Instead, practitioners found that they were able to difficult situations, while still maintaining a calm and steady mind. It can also help you respond more effectively and come up with solutions, as you are less overwhelmed by stressful feelings.


Improve Sleep


If you’ve struggled to sleep, a calming meditation practise before bedtime might be the ideal solution. A gentle meditation practice, such as simply paying attention to your breathing for five minutes, can help calm both your body and mind, putting it in the perfect state for a restful night’s sleep.



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Boost Creativity and Productivity


If you’re visiting The Chilworth Hotel Paddington for a work trip to the city, then some afternoon meditation might be just what you need to boost your creative juices, during the workday lull.



Taking a short meditation break is a great way of hitting reset, and allowing your mind to rest from the constant stream of thoughts we all have. Instead of trying to work harder, meditation allows your creative side to emerge more clearly, as well as helping boost feelings of greater focus and clarity. It’s just what you need before a big, important meeting.


It can boost your energy levels


Meditation might seem like a very gentle and still activity, but it can paradoxically also be a great way of helping improve your energy levels. Taking a few minutes to do nothing and sit still can have surprising benefits. If you’re finding that you’re rushing around all day and feeling like you’re never achieving everything on your to-do list, spending five minutes meditating at the start of the day can help you develop a calmer and steadier state of mind. 


This can help you tackle activities without feeling flustered and exhausted by them, leaving you with plenty of energy afterwards. A great solution, whether you have a busy work-day or a packed day of exploring around the city. Just make sure that you leave yourself time for a nourishing meal at The Chilworth Restaurant afterwards.


It can help you feel kinder towards others


While Paddington Accommodation offers a calming refuge in the city, sometimes life in London can inevitably leave you feeling a little disgruntled. With busy commuter crowds, lengthy travel times and the changeable weather, you might find yourself feeling a little sullen at times.


Meditation is a great way of turning that around, and increasing feelings of kindness towards others. Some types of meditation, such as repeating positive affirmations or mantras, are a great way of encouraging more kind and loving thoughts, towards yourself and other people. Ideal when you need to overcome the commuter rage on a busy Tube train during weekday morning travel.


It can help to reduce memory loss


For those that have found themselves forgetting little things in daily life, meditation might be a simple way of holding back memory loss. Studies of long-term meditators have found that the activity helped to increase attention, mental agility and memory, with people able to carry out complex tasks easily and quickly.


It’s a great way of keeping your brain active and engaged and ensuring it stays healthy, as you get older.


It can help reduce anxious feelings


Anxiety can be a challenging thing to experience, but an effective way to help manage its grip can be by practising some calming mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness practice focuses on paying attention to the present moment, often by using something simple, such as noticing your breathing, or the environment around you, to anchor yourself to the here and now.