6 Calming Places to Meditate During Your Trip to The Chilworth

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You’d be forgiven for thinking London is all about action and a fast-paced lifestyle, but in reality, there are also many spaces ideal for relaxing and taking the time to unwind, or even meditate. From classes to idyllic spaces to reconnect with nature, the surprisingly diverse cityscape will help you take a break from it all, and even discover a little more about the practice of meditation itself. Whether you’re seeking an escape from daily stresses or simply want to stick to your wellness goals, these six areas of the city will help you press pause on hectic London life.

Eel Pie Island

On the River Thames close to Twickenham, you’ll find Eel Pie Island – a tiny island with only 120 inhabitants which provides more of a country feel than the rest of the city. Cars and bicycles are banned, so there are limited distractions and you can simply relax and enjoy feeling like you’ve briefly stepped back in time, far from the busy restaurants near Paddington Station and everything that accompanies city life.

London Buddhist Centre

London’s very-own Buddhist centre is a great space for those eager to learn more about meditation, and the centre provides a variety of different classes covering everything from more mindful breathing, to meditation exercises designed to help develop and rediscover a more centred you, or to awaken positivity. This would be a particularly helpful place to visit if you’re new to meditating, and you can pop along to a class every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during your stay at The Chilworth.

Postman’s Park

Close to St Paul’s Cathedral, Postman’s Park is popular with city workers seeking a relaxing spot for a quiet lunch-break. However, it’s seldom so busy you can’t find somewhere secluded to get away from the crowds, and taking the time to do so will provide immense benefits for the rest of your stay in the city.

Kew Gardens

Whilst a popular tourist destination (Kew Gardens welcomes around two million visitors each year), the sheer size of this green space ensures that you’ll never be short of quiet places to retreat. Although there’s no need for meditation to take place outside, you’d have difficulty finding a more beautiful spot if that is your preference; all year round, Kew is notorious for its stunning scenery. Perched under one of the old English Oak trees and watching the world go by, you’ll soon forget you’re close to a busy metropolis.

Chilworth Spa

Who said you need to meditate outside? The Chilworth hotel spa Paddington provides plenty of relaxing spaces for you to take a break from the city, all whilst sticking close to your accommodation for absolute convenience. Whether travelling for work or leisure, a visit to the spa will help boost your mood in no time at all.

Holland Park

With 54 acres of parkland to explore, Holland Park is close to busy Notting Hill, but you’d never know it during your visit. The famous Kyoto Gardens were created in tribute to traditional Japanese water gardens, with a waterfall and carp pond. This is one of the best spots in the city for getting away from it all, no matter the time of year.