Tips for Visiting London Borough Market


Located in Southwark London is Borough Market, the city’s largest and oldest food market. This foodie attraction is renowned for showcasing the best street food dishes from across the globe. In addition, it is the perfect spot for sourcing local produce and quality ingredients used at hotel restaurants like Chilworth London Paddington. However, the unique maze layout can be overwhelming for first-timers, and several narrow passageways make it easy to get lost. 

Crown Square is the heart of the market and is popular with locals for being the largest trading area within the space. Popular items include meat and fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and some of Britain’s artisanal cheeses. Further on is the Market Hall, known as the onsite greenhouse and the best place for buying plants and flowers in the city. The gastronomy experience of Borough Market is representative of London’s diversity, with everything from Ethiopian cuisine to the best Indian curries. 

Things to try at Borough Market

Potatoes at Kappacasein

Kappacasein is undoubtedly one of the favourite spots at Borough Market. The must-try dish is the popular plate of boiled potatoes topped with a generous serving of Raclette cheese and a side of pickles. Another favourite is the grilled cheese toastie oozing with hot melted cheese.

Salt beef bagels at Nana Fanny’s

As any Londoner will tell you, nothing beats a salty beef bagel after a long night on the town. This popular street food is a must-try when visiting London this summer. In addition, make sure also to check out the best place to stay for the ultimate London break with these London Paddington Hotel Deals.

Oysters from Richard Haward’s Oyster Bar

Nothing says summer like a serving of oyster. Of course, this seafood treat is not for everyone; however, Richard Haward’s Oyster Bar serves some of the best oysters in town for a reasonable price.

Sunday Roast at the Floral Hall

Britons are known to enjoy a good Sunday roast, and what better place to sample traditional British cuisine than the culinary hub of London. Plate items include hearty pork or beef roast and a healthy serving of seasonal roasted vegetables. Sunday lunch is served between 11:30 am and 6:30 pm. 

Spanish Tapas at Brindisa

The diverse community in London means having access to international cuisine with ease. For easy eating, while navigating the market, try some tapas from Brindisa, known for their authentic recipes and using the best ingredients.

Past at Padella

We recommend heading to Padella on Southwark Street for visitors looking to enjoy a sit-down meal. This place is known for serving incredible pasta dishes, including pappardelle with beef ragu and fettuccine with nduja. All pasta is homemade, and they are known to have a comprehensive selection of some of the best Italian wines.

Attractions near Borough Market

While a full day of experiencing gastronomy at Borough Market is recommended, visitors with limited time in London can include a visit to these top attractions located a short walk or tube ride from Borough Market.

  • Visit The Shard on London Bridge Street for some of the city’s most spectacular views.
  • Take a walk on the iconic Tower Bridge dating back to 1886.
  • Explore Royal history and get a glimpse of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London
  • Explore one of London’s most famous churches and capture the beauty of St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Visit the 12th-century Winchester Palace.
  • Go back 600 years into London’s history and visit one of the oldest prisons in the city. 
  • Check out Southwark Cathedral dating back to AD 606
  • Enjoy a production at Shakespeare’s Globe Cathedral.

When to visit Borough Market

Visitors planning to make a turn at this incredible market are advised to arrive early. There are over 100 stalls at the market, each with unique tastes and offerings. In addition, this is a popular tourist destination with over 4,5 million visitors expected annually. Planning your visitor is one of the best ways to avoid being overwhelmed by the labyrinth of stalls and food offerings at Borough Market. The market is open daily from 10 am, and 8 am on Saturdays. While crowds at this market are inevitable, the best time to visit is Wednesday and Saturday, as this is when most traders bring their best foot forward. Quieter days are Mondays and Tuesdays.  

The great thing about London is the attention to detail in the food. This allows for healthy competition between vendors, and visitors can expect to get the best seasonal ingredients. As the saying goes,’ the early bird catches the worm.’ this is especially true when visiting Borough Market or any other market in London.

Places to grab a drink near Borough Market

After a day of sampling delicious street food, end the day with a drink at one of the nearby bars and pubs in the city. Most of these places are within walking distance and great for rounding off your London culinary experience.

  • Bedales Wine Shop Borough Market – Open seven days a week until late
  • Laithwaites Wine Club – Open seven days a week

Top Tips for Borough Market

  •  Weekdays are less busy than weekends. 
  • Each vendor has an allocated schedule which is readily available online
  • Arrive early for the best buys and freshest ingredients.
  • Plan your visit and decide which stalls you want to visit first
  • The best place to eat is at the outside wall, away from the shuffling crowds in the market
  • Go with friends and share dishes to reserve space to try more food
  • Eat something from another stall while waiting in line to buy something else.
  • Avoid eating breakfast ahead of your visit. This is even if you’re staying at any Accommodation Paddington London with the best English fry-up in the area. 

Top information for visiting Borough Market 

Location: 8 Southwark Street, London Bridge

Nearest stations:  Borough, Monument and London Bridge. Easily accessible for guests staying at the Hotels Near London Paddington station. 

Price: This is one of many free attractions to visit in London