The Best Books of 2019


This year has seen a bumper crop of incredible books across different genres to enjoy, from outstanding fiction to inspiring and thought-provoking non-fiction tomes.

If you’re staying in London in Hotels close to Paddington Station and are in search of a good read to enjoy while you relax on a cold evening, you’ll find plenty of great bookshops across the city to pick up an interesting read. Here are some of the best books of the year to add to your reading list.

The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli

For a fascinating insight into the meaning of time, this profound and poetic book takes you on a journey through the many different ways that scientists have explored this complex subject. Written in a beautifully engaging manner, this book is ideal for anyone with a curious mind, whether you’re a keen fan of science, art or history.

With The Chilworth Paddington located conveniently close by, it’s worth pairing this book with a visit to some of London’s fantastic science and natural history museums, where you can see some of the elements in the book brought to life.

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rock biographies are always a juicy read, and this fictional one takes you back into the 70s for a fantastic romp into the decade. Fun and captivating, the book with capture your heart with its brilliantly depicted characters, and leave you fantasising just a little about your own rock n’ roll daydreams.

You might not quite get to live a life of rock star excess, but the sumptuous surroundings of The Chilworth Paddington will make sure that you’re decadently comfortable, while you dig into this brilliant novel.

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Possibly the year’s most eagerly awaited novel, The Testaments was the winner of this year’s Booker Prize, and a follow up to the classic masterpiece, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Taking the reader back to the thrilling and scary story shared in the earlier book, the novel is urgent, moving and exciting. An essential read for anyone who has been left wondering if the world of Gilead hits too close to home.

Hungry: Eating, RoadTripping, and Risking it All with Rene Redzepi, the Greatest Chef in the World by Jeff Gordinier

In recent years, food writing has embraced storytelling and adventure, as recipes come to life with all the rich and diverse histories behind them. This deliciously exciting chronicle following one of the world’s top restaurant chefs takes you on a trip as he pushes the boundaries in search of the next exciting treat for his customers’ palates.

If this book leaves you salivating for a delicious culinary adventure of your own, don’t worry – you’ll find plenty of fantastic restaurants near your Paddington Accommodation to tempt your taste buds.

Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane

Robert Macfarlane is a prizewinning writer with a lengthy series of books about travel, nature and wilderness to his name, and this epic tome captures the heart of his work, with a deeply poetic sense of style. The book takes you deeper into the underground world, provoking you to think more about what lies beneath, and the richness of the environment of the Underland, whilst also journeying across multiple destinations across the globe.

From its magical front cover to the very last page, you can ensure you’ll be enthralled all the way through, and left thinking long and hard about how you relate to the world around you.

Escape from Rome by Walter Scheidel

For fans of history, this rich and thoroughly researched book takes you through two millennia, charting the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and the importance of the empire of European history for centuries after.

You’ll be taken through a fascinating account of Western European history and economics, with enormous amounts of depth and detail. If you’re in hotels close to Paddington Station and need a hefty book to get stuck into during your stay, this might be the perfect accompaniment.

The Water Dancer: A Novel by TaNahesi Coates

Ta-Nahesi Coates is perhaps one of the most important contemporary writers and thinkers around, and his debut fictional work has been much anticipated. In 2019, we were treated to a rich and moving work, that describes the power of the human spirit with immense heart.

The Water Dancer follows the tale of an escaped slave who becomes involved in the Underground Railroad and discovers that he has a rare and special gift. Written in bold and vivid prose, this beautiful book has won accolades aplenty this year and is a truly memorable book.

Letters to the Earth: Writing to a Planet in Crisis

In a year where the climate crisis has come to the headlines, this deeply moving collection of writings provides a personal and humane look at the relationship between people and the planet.

Letters to the Earth is the result of a public callout for contributions. Featuring letters from a wide variety of people, including public figures, poets and politicians, actors, scientists, parents and children, the various letters within communicate a profound sense of hope, optimism and urgency.

The book is also beautifully illustrated by Jackie Morris, whose artwork adds a poignant touch.

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg

It’s impossible to ignore the impact of this teenage activist, who has managed to make enormous waves around the world in the past year and inspired millions to make their voices and concerns heard about the environment. This book neatly captures her speeches into one volume and is sure to become an important book of the decade, as it sums up perfectly the force and power of the growing global environmental movement.

Inspiring and eloquent, this bright and devastating book serves as a wonderful reminder of the power of speaking up, whatever your age or background, and makes a wonderful gift as well as a book to add to your own shelf.

If you’re a guest looking for a good book, check out The Chilworth’s own library in the hotel lobby. While we tend to share titles that are related to health and wellness, you may see some of the above on the shelves soon!