What you need to pack for a hotel weekend

    What you need to pack for a hotel weekend

    From business trips to leisure visits, tourist weekends, and family time spent away from home, there are endless reasons why people choose to travel to London. And thanks to the vast array of transport options and accessible attractions in every corner of the city, it has never been easier to plan the perfect trip – and secure a room in the perfect hotel.

    But being ready for all eventualities is about more than just planning and booking the right hotel near Paddington Station or another central London transport hub for ease of movement. It’s also about packing the right things and doing your homework regarding what to see and when.

    Matching your trip with the right hotel

    A big part of knowing what to pack for a hotel weekend or longer visit is about understanding the environment you are going to be enjoying – starting with the hotel you will be calling your London base. Hotels such as The Chilworth, which is one of the top hotel destinations near to Paddington Station, combine luxury with timeless elegance and boast a highly luxurious experience for all guests regardless of their trip itinerary or reason for travelling.

    And it’s not all about the vibe of the hotel. Knowing what to pack also requires information on what the hotel provides and what you need to bring for yourself – ranging from the most basic amenities like tea, coffee, shampoo and conditioner, to the more detailed provisions such as maps of London and information on what and how to book tickets and local restaurants.

    When you book a stay at The Chilworth, you can rest assured that all of your basic needs will be met, with hotel staff offering a high level service which is reminiscent of traditional London but ensures that modern functionality and high end features ae always available to enhance the quality of the stay.

    Creating an itinerary

    The best place to start when it comes to packing your bags for a weekend in London, is with an itinerary or basic plan of what you are planning to do and see. Whether you plan to spend lots of time relaxing in your hotel, making the most of inhouse facilities such as spas and fitness studios, or plan on getting out and about, having a to-do list will making packing much easier.

    Here are just some of the top attractions and things to do which are within walking distance of our top recommended hotels near Hyde Park.

    • Walking and taking in the townhouse architecture of West and Central London. As you walk the streets around Paddington Station, moving down towards Hyde Park and the River Thames beyond, you will find yourself surrounded by tall white and intricately designed buildings. All of these embody the timeless grandeur of old London and are quite a sight to see all year round.
    • Hyde Park. We’ve already talked about the hotels near Hyde Park but what about the inside of the park itself? Full of history, culture, and a variety of different experiences – including seasonal attractions like Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park is a central outside space in London which, when you stay at The Chilworth, becomes your perfect playground.
    • Oxford Street. Rows of designer stores interspersed with affordable high street stores and independent boutiques, London is home to some of the best shopping areas in the UK and even Europe – and Oxford Street is one of the most famous. Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to browse, a shopping day is a must.
    • River Thames and the Southbank. With the river Thames stretching through London and beyond, there is no better walking or running route. And if you stop on the Southbank, you could even find yourself taking in the view from the top reaches of the London Eye.
    • Madame Tussauds and other family attractions. Perfect for entertaining the whole family on a rainy day. Other attractions include the Natural History Museum, SeaLife, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and endless galleries.
    • The theatre. People don’t exactly dress up like they used to for the theatre, but that shouldn’t stop you donning your finest gear and wearing whatever you want to see the newest musical.

    All of these things, and a great many more local things to see and do, can help to dictate what you need to pack, including layers to keep you warm, comfortable shoes, and a few finer pieces to wear over a cocktail or two.

    Other things to help you check everything on your packing list

    Without further ado, here is a list of additional things to think about and consider when it comes to getting your packing list right.

    • The weather. London is known for being wet so you will need to remember appropriate outdoor gear.
    • Currency – especially if you are travelling from outside of the UK. London has plenty of cash exchanges, but you won’t get as good a rate as you would when organising this in advance.
    • Comfortable shoes. One of the best ways to really take in London and its surroundings is on foot – but that can mean a lot of walking!
    • A swimming costume. Especially if you plan on staying in a high end hotel near Hyde Park like The Chilworth, you will certainly want to make use of the spa facilities at your fingertips.
    • A map. Like we said, London is best on foot – but you might want a map to help you find your way around.

    And don’t forget to leave adequate suitcase space for souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. With so many tourist spots and attractions, London is home to endless gift shops, and you’ll almost definitely want to indulge once or twice.

    To book your stay and benefit from our very best offers and rates, get in touch today.