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spa at chilworth

6 Calming Places to Meditate During Your Trip to The Chilworth

January 3, 2019

You’d be forgiven for thinking London is all about action and a fast-paced lifestyle, but in reality, there are also many spaces ideal for relaxing and taking the time to unwind, or even meditate. From classes to idyllic spaces to reconnect with nature, the surprisingly diverse cityscape will help you take a break from it […]

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Yoga near chilworth

6 Yoga and Pilates spots near the Chilworth London

October 24, 2018

Spots near Chilworth London for Yoga and Pilates Yoga and Pilates both offer a great way of switching off in the city, but you don’t need to go far in search of a yoga studio to help get a few moments of mindfulness during your time in the capital. London has plenty of spots ideal […]

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hyde park

Three Amazing Parks near the Chilworth Paddington You Need to See this Autumn

October 16, 2018

You wouldn’t normally associate a capital city with an array of natural wonders, but autumn in London is an amazing spectacle thanks to its beautifully maintained parks and green spaces that are dotted around the city. The city takes on a new feel that this time of year, so many visitors flock to London’s parks […]

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science museum

A Guide to the Science Museum for Tech Lovers

October 12, 2018

No visit to London would be complete without a visit to the Science Museum, especially if you’re a tech lover! With dozens or engaging and interactive exhibits, halls full of exhibits celebrating the ingenuity of man and triumphs of scientific discovery, there’s plenty to see and do during your visit. If you’re staying at our […]

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westminster abbey

Westminster Abbey: The History and How to Get There

October 12, 2018

With more than a thousand years of history, Westminster Abbey is a tourist hot spot where visitors from all of the world flock to admire the commemorative monuments and venue for royal coronations every year. The abbey is centrally located, making it easy to reach by tube from our hotels near Chilworth and is a […]

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romantic trip to london

Easy tips for beating the jetlag after a long-haul flight to London

September 18, 2018

Studies have shown that it can take days to entirely get over jet lag depending on how many time zones you’ve flown through. Jet lag is the term given to that heavy tiredness we can feel after travelling on a long-haul flight. It can have a severe effect on the body, causing sickness, headaches, extreme […]

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British Museum

High Tech London Museums for gadget fans

September 3, 2018

Since the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, London has been a centre for scientific advancement. Its streets have played host to some of the world’s finest scientists, technicians and inventors. As such, it’s home to many high tech museums which provide the perfect place for gadget fans to while away the hours. […]

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app for visitor

3 great apps for first time London visitors

August 30, 2018

Your first time in a big city is always going to need some planning, especially when there are as many things to do as there are in the UK’s capital, London. Whether you’re coming to the big city for a vacation, to visit friends or relatives or even on a business trip, there are many […]

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West End shows to add to your London itinerary

August 29, 2018

London’s West End is an historic cultural hub and one of the many reasons why London is a world capital of culture today. Each year, millions flock to this centre for arts and music to see extraordinary performers in the most spectacular shows the world has to offer. Visitors to our Chilworth London hotel are […]

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A Brief History of Paddington

August 24, 2018

Paddington is one of the most bustling and lively places in London with an extensive industrial history dating back centuries. For those visitors to London who are looking to make the most of our London Paddington hotel deals, exploring Paddington might give you the chance to uncover a good few secrets. Looking over the events […]

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