Want to Get Lost in London? Start Here!

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London is a busy city that never seems to stop, but there are few things better than walking around somewhere and getting lost in a maze of fascinating streets and alleyways. While the capital is a teeming metropolis, it also has plenty of wonderful walks where you can easily wander around and get lost in your thoughts, while soaking up the unique and captivating atmosphere of this historic city.

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Take a walk around Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a perfect place to escape to when you’re craving a little wild nature and fresh open air. Just a short ride by train from central London, you can easily enjoy a bracing walk and be back in time to enjoy a delicious Afternoon tea London Paddington to end the day.

The park itself covers over 300 hectares of sprawling land, with a mixture of open fields, grass, trees and rougher terrain, as well as a number of beautiful ponds. You can easily take a gentle stroll around a small part of the park for a little breather, or if you really want to lose yourself and get away from the chaos and fast pace of London life, then head a little deeper into the thick groves of trees and plants. On a sunny day, the golden light filtering through the leaves is spectacular, and if you find yourself feeling a little too lost, the path back to civilisation is never too far away.

See London through the Jubilee Greenway

Jubilee Greenway

Close to the Chilworth London Paddington, you’ll find the charming little neighbourhood known as Little Venice, a pocket of lush, romantic greenery and canals, framed by beautiful painted barges and stunning architecture. It’s also the perfect place to start a walk around the city, and a wonderful way of seeing some of the most special sights around London.

Little Venice is part of the Jubilee Greenway, a 60km route created to commemorate the Queen’s reign, and covering many of London’s most iconic landmarks. You can download the path and follow along, as you walk past important locations such as Kensington Palace, Chapel Market, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Buckingham Palace.

After a strenuous day of walking, you deserve something delicious, so head back near the hotel and enjoy a tasty meal in one of the restaurants near Paddington.

Follow the scenic Thames Path


If you’re not too sure of your navigation skills and don’t want to have to check a map after every turn and crossing, then a simple and enjoyable way to explore London is by simply following the most significant and obvious landmark in the city – the River Thames.

The Thames Path is a fantastic walking route that actually extends over 180 miles, all the way from the river’s origin in the Cotswolds, down to the sea. While you’re unlikely to be walking all that way, you might like to follow along the riverside as you explore the city instead, taking in the iconic views of the capital as you do so. You’ll see many of the city’s most famous landmarks as you walk past, from the Houses of Westminster, to St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern and much more. There are plenty of great coffee shops, restaurants and pubs to stop in at along the way, or you can fuel up with cake, with a delicious Afternoon tea London Paddington.

Explore the Royal Parks

park royal

While London might seem like a teeming concrete jungle, it’s also one of the greenest cities in the world, and with eight beautiful Royal Parks to explore, they’re a wonderful place to get lost in for hours.

Choose one or two of the parks, or head out on a city-wide adventure and try to tick them all off your list. Each park has its own unique charms and history, from the magnificent wild deer in Richmond Park, to the stunning Serpentine Lake that forms a major attraction in Hyde Park. Look out for some of the fascinating monuments, memorials and special gardens that are tucked away within some of the parks – with centuries of history behind them, there is a lot to discover at every turn.

Head into the city itself

walk in London city

While there are plenty of scenics walks around the green and natural parts of London, sometimes it can simply be quite exciting to wander through the cobbled pathways, historic streets and tiny mews that make up the magnificent puzzle that forms the capital.

Each borough of London has its own charms and history behind it, and you’ll often learn a lot about the area by paying close attention to the street names. Artillery Row was named after an area nearby that was used for artillery practice, during the reign of Elizabeth I, while Blackfriars Lane gets its name from medieval monks that once lived there.

As well as fascinating glimpses of history hidden in the city’s street names, a walk around London will also reveal many of its diverse treasures, that are easy to overlook when plotting a route off public transport or a map. Take a slow walk through Soho and Chinatown, and follow your nose instead of your GPS, as you discover countless mouth-watering restaurants, bakeries and bars, and take a moment to soak in the unique atmosphere of live musicians and street performers around Piccadilly before you head out for a night at the theatre. Meanwhile, over in the City of London in the east of the capital, you’ll find all kinds of contradictory paradoxes, as London’s Roman origins sit shoulder to shoulder alongside some of the most stunning skyscrapers in the city.

With so much to see and explore around every corner, London is always the perfect city to get lost in.