Would you dine in the dark in London?

london in night

London is filled with incredible restaurants, offering an array of different cuisines from around the world. However, there are few dining experiences quite like Dans le Noir – here’s our complete guide to everything you need to know if you’re brave enough to try dining in the dark…

What is Dans le Noir?

Dans le Noir is a concept restaurant in London, offering a dining experience like no other – perfect for curious foodies staying at the Chilworth. The restaurant serves dishes in complete darkness, and provides the opportunity to discover more about the human senses and perhaps even change your point of view. With visually impaired waiters, a trip to Dans le Noir is a sensory journey which can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

Why dine in the dark?


Around 80% of our information is visually received, making sight perhaps the most important of all our senses. Dans le Noir asks the diner to consider – who am I, and what do I experience when I can no longer rely on my vision to help me perceive the world around me? The restaurant makes a fantastic evening out after enjoying the best afternoon tea in London at your hotel, and provides an unforgettable dining opportunity for all culinary tastes. When vision is stripped away, diners will have the chance to rediscover their other senses and understand the joy of a great meal without relying on exterior visual judgements.

What else happens at Dans le Noir?

In addition to experiencing food in a whole new way, Dans le Noir is also a social way to dine. The restaurant only has sharing tables, compelling each diner to get to know the people around them without having ‘met’ them in the way most of us rely on. This opens up the opportunity to meet new people in a truly original setting, so be sure you’re relaxed by first enjoying a massage in Paddington in the pampering facilities at your hotel. In addition to the unique ambiance, the restaurant also serves delicious dishes perfect for fans of fine dining.

Dans le Noir Menu

The Dans Le Noir menu has been crafted by head chef Rafal Zaremba to provide a spectacular combination of flavours using seasonal produce. Visitors can expect to experience plenty of new tastes, created with signature flair. The dietary requirements of guests are always taken into account when requested, and food and wine pairings are included to complete the sensory experience of dining at the restaurant.

Booking at Dans le Noir

For those brave enough to try dining in the dark, Dans le Noir offers a variety of different meal packages and deals, including a special package of a four-course meal, complete with three unique wines and champagne chosen by the expert staff. In ten years, the restaurant has welcomed more than a million visitors and continues to grow in prominence throughout London’s culinary scene.