Paddington to Shoreditch – how to get there and what to see

Paddington Basin

Both Paddington and Shoreditch are fascinating areas of London, each with their own distinctive character and flair. In this blog, we’ll show you how to get to Shoreditch from Paddington, and the things you can expect to see once you arrive…

Paddington to Shoreditch

It takes around 20 minutes to get from Paddington to Shoreditch by car or taxi (assuming good traffic conditions), but while staying at the Chilworth Hotel, we would highly recommend you turn to London’s fantastic public transport system instead.

From Paddington Underground Station, take the Hammersmith and City Line to Whitechapel, which will take 28 minutes. From there, change to the London Overground service to Shoreditch High Street Rail Station, only an additional 2 minutes away. If you’d prefer to take the bus, it’s an hour long journey from Paddington to Shoreditch.

Things to see in Shoreditch

There is lots to see and do in Shoreditch, given it has a well-earned reputation as one of the more vibrant parts of the city. While you enjoy London hotels special offers, here are a few sights to look out for…

Street Art


Shoreditch is packed full of street art, including works from some of the most significant figures from the urban art world, such as Banksy. The area surrounding Brick Lane is particularly notorious – we recommend bringing a camera along to make sure you catch some of your favourite pieces. There are plentiful street art tours on offer, or you can enjoy a self-guided tour and simply browse the art at your own pace.

Cereal Killer Cafe

One of the more unique eateries in London, the Cereal Killer Cafe provides a haven for lovers of all things cereal – with lots of variety to choose from during your stay in the city. While it might not match up to the best afternoon tea in London, there’s something appealing about trying out long-forgotten classics from previous decades, so a trip here is sure to spark more than a little nostalgia.

East End Food Tour

Foodie culture is a big deal in Shoreditch, thanks to the many notable restaurants, food trucks and indie food labels operating in the area. By joining the East End Food Tour, you’ll be able to discover more about what locals truly love to eat, and try some of the best cuisine for yourself.

Last Days of Shoreditch

Having started life as a street food venue, Last Days of Shoreditch is now a noted space for the arts, recreation and music. Home to many exciting art exhibitions and live music events, there’s always something new and exciting happening here, and summer brings everything from gigs to mindfulness events sure to interest people keen to get into the Shoreditch spirit. Expect hammock beds for seating, a tree house and tropical area within the venue’s ‘Enchanted Garden’, which is nothing if not magical.

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