Where to find the Best Photography Spots of London from the Chilworth Paddington

Photography Spots of London

For anyone with an interest in photography or an eye for a great shot, then London has a plethora of interesting and engaging places that make for ideal photo opportunities.

Staying at The Chilworth Paddington hotel, you’ve got easy access to some of our favourite locations around London for Insta-perfect photographs, so regardless of your individual style, there’s plenty of inspirational vistas for you to enjoy.

Here’s three great suggestions for photography enthusiasts to enjoy some of the best landscapes around so don’t forget to pack those lenses and SD cards!

Striking buildings

A city rich in history and famed for its architecture, London is a photographer’s playground especially if you enjoy taking shots of historic or striking buildings. The geometric angles of the famous ‘Gherkin’ office space make for bold and impactful photos, and it’s easy to get to from The Chilworth Paddington London hotel. Simply hop on the Tube at Paddington Station and you’ll be there is just over half an hour.

Tower of London

If history and heritage is more your thing, then head to the Tower of London at Aldergate Station using the Circle Line to frame some iconic British buildings of days past.

If all that location exploring has given you an appetite, set your course back to our hotel for the best value afternoon tea London while you recharge your camera batteries.

Picturesque Parks

After enjoying our best value afternoon tea London, why not catch the remaining light at one of the many parks closely situated to our Chilworth Paddington hotel?

Hydepark London

Hyde Park is located just a few minutes’ walk away, so grab your camera and head off for an afternoon of scenic photography. Capture the Princess Diana Memorial Playground or the tranquillity of Serpentine Lake.

There’s plenty to see at Hyde Park, and with such close proximity to The Chilworth Paddington hotel, there’s bound to be some scenes that interest you.

Bustling Cityscapes

If capturing movement, people and day to day scenes is your strong point, then head over to Camden Town Market as there’s always something going on!

winter market

Camden Town isn’t just filled with throngs of shoppers and bargain hunters, but there’s also a huge number of quirky shopfronts, interesting courtyards and market stalls filled with colour and vibrancy for you to enjoy.

To get there from the Chilworth Paddington Hotel, just hop on the Tube at Paddington Station. It takes just under half an hour to reach your destination, so you can visit at any time of the day without having to worry about traffic.

And if you’re getting low on memory space or battery life, then you can always head back to the hotel and relax in the hotel bar for an hour or so while you top up your power. Once recharged, you can pop back out later in the day to see what else London has in store for the budding photographer.