Churchill War Rooms: Why You Need to Visit

Churchill War Rooms

The Historic Churchchill War Rooms

Hidden beneath the busy streets of Westminster is without a doubt one of the most important places in modern history.

From a secure underground bunker tucked away from view, Winston Churchill and his circle of war experts directed the war effort. In his war rooms, the Prime Minister made important decisions that affected the lives of people up and down the country during the Second World War.

Now, these thought-provoking and historically prominent war rooms are open to members of the public to experience.

Read on to discover why you need to visit the Churchill War Rooms during your next visit to London.

Permanent Displays

As well as hosting visiting exhibitions related to the Second World War, there are a wide range of permanent displays on offer at the Churchill War Rooms that allow visitors to get an insight into the day to day running of this secretive space.

Walk the maze of narrow corridors and warren of rooms to see how the people that worked in this underground setting helped the war effort through the surviving images and objects that give you a real appreciation of how it felt to be tasked with such important work.

You’ll want to aim to spend around 90 minutes at this attraction. The War Rooms can get rather busy at weekends or peak travel times, so to really make the most of your visit take a look at our Paddington hotel special offers so you can visit when there are fewer people around.

The Churchill Museum

Dedicated to one of the most influential figures of the Second World War, this unique museum also hosts a fascinating collection of personal items that chart the life of Winston Churchill. Browse through the collection that begins with items from a lonely childhood to his military career and finally his integral role as Prime Minister.

Getting to the War Rooms from the Chilworth Hotel is easy, simply hop on the Tube at Paddington Station and take the Bakerloo line to Charing Cross station. This journey takes just over 25 minutes.

The Cabinet Rooms

One of the most notable parts of the War Rooms are the Cabinet Rooms, so if you can leave your room at The Chilworth hotel early, it’s wise to go straight there before it gets too crowded.

This important space protected the staff and secrets that were so crucial to the war, and you get a real sense of the importance of the work that was done here as Churchill and his inner circle plotted their route to victory.

If you can take advantage of our Paddington hotel special offers, then you’ll be able to spend a little more on a second visit to this exceptional underground attraction during your stay.

The War Rooms are open from 9:30 am until 6 pm every day, but make sure you book in advance as each ticket gives timed entry so you can immerse yourself in history during your visit.