London by Hoof: The Best Places to Experience London on Horseback

Horse Riding

There are a number of ways to explore and enjoy London. You can see what London has to offer by helicopter, by boat, by bus, by bike or on foot. But you can also experience London on horseback, which is a totally unique and magical way to do it – and something not many people can say they’ve done.

Although London is a city of hustle and busy streets, there are still a good number of venues offering the opportunity to climb aboard a beautiful horse and take in some scenic sights.

Ross Nye Stables

Right on Hyde Park and less than 20-minutes from your room at the Montcalm Chilworth London Paddington, Ross Nye stables is a trusted and experienced venue that offers amazing horseback rides around the beautiful Hyde Park.

Run by the eponymous Ross Nye, the stables have been offering rides for novices and experts alike for 50 years. Originally from Australia, Ross Nye was a cattle station rancher. Moving to London, he took over a small stable and expanded it into one of the pre-eminent London riding schools.

You’ll ride your horse at a relaxing canter around the beautiful Hyde Park surroundings, accompanied by the trained and experienced staff. From the ride, you’ll be able to see many central London landmarks before reflecting on a day well-spent at one of our Paddington Station hotels.

Wimbledon Village Stables

Half an hour via Tube from the Montcalm Chilworth London Paddington, Wimbledon Village Stables is an award-winning stable in an absolutely beautiful setting.

Making the most of the various trails and greenery-infused routes around Wimbledon Village, the stable has been offering horse rides for beginners and experts alike for years. The staff are incredibly helpful and fully trained, able to guide even the most clueless rider along an unforgettable journey.

For those with a little bit of trepidation, Wimbledon Village Stables also has a fully interactive horse riding simulator! So you can get some experience without going for the real thing right away. It’s the perfect way to spend a day and well within reach of anyone staying at Montcalm accommodation Paddington London.

Hyde Park Stables

Offering group and private horse riding, Hyde Park Stables is perhaps the best-known of the London-based stables. A 15-minute walk from Montcalm Paddington Station hotels, it’s a great place to get a feel for riding, all in the lovely confines of the huge Hyde Park.

Rides start from 9am, with the last ride of the day setting off at 4pm and the stables are open seven days a week. You can make your choice between a horse or a pony, leading your chosen ride along 5-miles of trails. You can choose to go solo, with a friend or as a family and staff are fully-trained and experts at making a horse rider out of even the most nervous person.

It’s an amazing experience and something truly unforgettable.