Amazing Architecture in and Around Paddington

Paddington Basin

One of the defining aspects of London is the amazing mix of architecture on show throughout the city. London is a place where the new and outlandish sits right alongside buildings that are hundreds of years – or more – older. It’s one of the joys of exploring the city, as you never know what’s around the corner.

Paddington is no slouch in this area, and there’s much to see whether you prefer the new or the old.

St Mary Magdalene Church

A short hop from The Chilworth Paddington Hotel, St Mary Magdalene Church is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture. With a red and white brick striped spire, capped off by white stone, the design is classic Victoriana and still in wonderful condition.

It’s a grade 1 listed building and nearly all of the original features and adornments are still in place. The interior is grander that you might suspect, and sums up the strange duality of Victorian design, being staid and grand all at once. Try and go during the morning or evening, when the sun hits the original stained glass windows, as it truly is a beautiful sight. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a trip down into the crypt. Afterwards, visit one of the many fine restaurants near Paddington, for a very nice start or end to your day.

The Battleship Building

Built in 1969, this building was somewhat controversial when first unveiled. Contemporary architects accused it of being too brutal-looking and outlandish with its jutting central pillar and rounded design. Today, it’s seen a classic example of 60’s architecture, designed and built for a future that never really came to pass.

Still, it is a very unique and different building and one that says much about the design aspirations of its creators. It was envisioned to sit in a city that would all be modern, eccentric designs – basically the 1960’s view of how London would look in the future – but instead remains as a strange outlier of the times. You’ll be around the numerous restaurants near Paddington, so take in the wider area and then retire for a nice bite to eat.

Paddington Station

Taking the opportunity to grab one of Montcalm’s London hotels special offers, you’ll be well placed to appreciate the architecture and history of Paddington station.

Only a few minutes from The Chilworth Paddington Hotel, Paddington station is a beautiful building with a rich background. Designed by none other than Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it’s easy to see his genius at work in the grand, forward-looking design of Paddington Station. It’s not just because the station is so famous and beautiful that not much has changed since Brunel’s day, it also because his work was so good and so forward-thinking that there hasn’t been a need to make major, overarching changes. The lines and platforms may have been expanded, but the building itself remains remarkably like the vision Brunel had over a hundred years ago.