Getting To Know Your Quarantine Hotels

Quarantine Hotels

With a growing optimism over the end of COVID restrictions in the UK, many people have started to book holidays within the country. Whether that be luxury stays at the Chilworth Hotel Paddington London or a rural retreat, it now seems like holidays are back on the agenda. That being said, international visitors have indeed been visiting the UK for much of the last year, albeit for far different reasons than pleasure.

Whether you’re a key worker, academic visitor or on an emergency family visit, there’s a list of specific circumstances that have allowed international visitors into the country. For those who’ve embarked on a journey to the UK in the past year, there’s a very high chance that you’ll have to quarantine for ten days as soon as you enter the country. Whether you’re visiting the UK for family, work or a getaway in London, many hotels across the city have remained open at the request of the government for the purposes of quarantine.

This blog will outline what and who it is exactly that a quarantine hotel is for, and the rules visitors must follow if staying at one.

What Is A Quarantine Hotel?

A quarantine hotel is a government-sanctioned London hotel special offer providing guests with a ten-day quarantine stay upon arrival to the country. Included within the package is food, transport to the hotel, services and utilities such as WIFI and television. Quarantine is required for guests who are travelling to London and the UK from countries that are on the UK’s “red list”. This list of countries is ever-changing and outlines those from which travellers might pose a greater infection risk due to the COVID rates there.

How Long Must I Quarantine?

Quarantine lasts for ten days from arrival in the UK. This means that visitors must stay in their hotel quarters and socially distance from other visitors during the entire duration of their visit at the hotel. When quarantining, the first day of arrival counts as “day 0”, so you will most likely be staying for at least 11 nights at your hotel.

COVID Tests During Quarantine

Quarantined hotel guests from red list countries are required to take a rapid response COVID test on or before the second day of their quarantine. You will have to do the same on the 8th day of your visit. Children under the age of 5 will not be required to take a test, but if they are sick, you will have to extend your stay. Furthermore, visitors whose results come back positive will have to extend their stay from that day for a further fortnight.

Food Services

During a quarantine, visitors will be supplied with their meals by the hotel at which they are staying. All hotels that are being used for quarantine by the government are certified in their catering to dietary requirements, meaning that vegans, vegetarians and those with allergies have nothing to worry about.

Family, Group Quarantines And Welfare

If travelling with friends or family, you can book a larger or adjoining room or suite so that you can all quarantine together. Safety and welfare checks are in place to make sure that everybody is safe and healthy whilst quarantining.

There are of course some instances in which visitors might need to break their quarantine for medical attention or for their own safety. This will be promptly organised and carried out by hotel security and staff when necessary.