Fantastic Four: 4 Things to Look Forward to In London (Later) This Year

4 Things to Look Forward to In London

It’s been such a long time – too long! – since visitors have been able to enjoy all that our glorious city has to offer. What with the pandemic forcing many of the UK capital’s attractions to be shuttered for months and months on end (especially during various lockdowns), so many regular and first-time travellers have, instead, been left to merely dream what they’ll see and do in the city when, at least, they arrive here.

There is a silver lining, however. For that raises a pleasant question – just what things to do and attractions to visit will travellers wish to make the most of (even with hotel cleanliness hygiene standards equivalents) later this year? Here are our top suggestions…

Fantastic Fine Dining

Fantastic Fine Dining

World-famous and deservedly so, London’s restaurants offer an exceptional combination of variety, quality and quantity and some truly sensational culinary creations. Just imagine, when the pandemic winds down, so many of these establishments opening up and welcoming diners back through their doors – we simply can’t wait!

Whether you’re talking trendy high-end must-visits or terrific high-street eateries, there’ll simply be so much to choose from for your taste buds. For sure, it’s going to take some time for things to settle and get back to normal in the dining trade (and, sadly, due to lockdowns, we can expect some casualties), but if anywhere’s fine dining is going to bounce back with a bang, it’s going to be London’s.

Muse on History in London’s Museums

Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK

If visiting one or more of its finest museums isn’t on the list when you’re compiling your London itinerary, then you’re doing it wrong. They’re absolutely packed to the rafters with incredible historical items, art objects, natural history examples and pop culture pieces.

To say you’ll find something in a London museum to sate your interests is to state the obvious, frankly. Terrific attractions for single travellers, couples and full families making the most of London getaway deals, the likes of the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and so many more are simply marvellous places to disappear into and become totally absorbed.

See all of London – all at once – Aboard the London Eye


Having originally opened as the intended-to-be temporary Millennium Wheel for the turn-of-the-millennium celebrations, over the course of the two decades since, the London Eye has become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks. It’s an impressive structure to admire from the ground, for sure, but what this attraction is all about is its capacity to deliver stunning panoramas of London’s entire skyline, as visitors take an hour-long ride in one of its pods (for one full revolution of the giant wheel).

There’s simply nothing else like ‘The Eye’ in this city; or in many other cities, come to mention it. After all, you might even be able to see where you’ve chosen to stay from your pod, like, say, The Chilworth London Paddington. Well, maybe; just maybe.

Lose Yourself in Some Serious Retail Therapy

If you’re looking for a shopping paradise, look no further than London. Recognised the world over for the breadth and quality of its shopping experiences, it’s teeming with glamorous boutiques, high street big-hitters, globally famous department stores and fantastic food, flower and assorted markets.

covent garden shopping

So, how better to get your retail fix on a visit to the capital than by taking in the likes of Oxford Street, Harrods, Selfridges, Mayfair and Carnaby Street, as well as the trendy shopping of Shoreditch and Camden and the fabulous markets of Portobello Road and London Bridge’s Borough Market? How better, indeed!