London Tech Museums for gadget fans

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If you love a good gadget and want to find out more about some of the world’s most important (and not so useful) gadgets, then there are plenty of museums and exhibitions for you to visit during your next trip to London.

Read on to discover which of London’s popular museums, are a mecca for gadget lovers and well worth a visit.

The Faraday Museum

Housed within the Royal Institution, you’ll find the Faraday Museum with its floors of gadgets to wow and inspire gadget fans of all ages.


With inventions and gadgets ranging from as far back as 1799, there’s plenty to see and discover at this well-known museum in London.

The highlight of the exhibition is Faraday’s magnetic laboratory displayed as it was in the 1850s opposite a current state-of-the-art nanotechnology lab, a must for any tech or gadget fan.

Accommodation in Paddington London gives you the ideal base for discovering everything The Faraday Museum has to offer being just 18 minutes away via Tube. To get there, take the Tube from Paddington Station to Oxford Circus where the museum is located just a short stroll away.

Science Museum, London

The Information Age exhibition is a permanent fixture at the Science museum. Mapping the inception of the information age, visitors can enjoy a variety of interactive displays, browse the wide range of important objects and find out more about how technology has made a big impact on our lives.

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Located just 15 minutes away from the Chilworth hotel London Paddington via Tube, the Science Museum is easy to find using public transport and is open to the public seven days a week.

The museum is so vast that it’s easy to spend an entire day browsing the exhibitions, but if you skip lunch, there are always several restaurants near Paddington that you can enjoy before returning to your hotel.

The National Museum of Computing

The National Computing Museum pays homage to the ultimate gadget, the computer. Explore over 70 years of computer technology progress and marvel at just how from we’ve come from the bulky computers of yesteryear.

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The museum also offers taster workshops on robotics and coding, perfect if you fancy trying your hand at some educational fun for all the family. There’s also the opportunity to try some virtual reality headsets out during your visit, a must for any serious gadget fan visiting London this year.

Although the museum is located outside of the city, it’s still easy to reach from the Chilworth hotel London Paddington by taking the train from nearby Paddington Station.

Enjoy the train ride back into the city in time for dinner and choose from the array of restaurants near Paddington or try out the hotel bar for a light snack and drink before heading back to your room.

You’re sure to be hungry after trying out all of those gadgets!


List of Best Science & technology museums in London?

Answer: Check out these places for more fun and knowledge-based tour for science & technology enthusiast, as:

  1. British Dental Association Museum
  2. Museum at St Bartholomew’s Hospital
  3. Kirkaldy Testing Museum
  4. The Faraday Museum
  5. Old Operating Theatre
  6. Science Museum
  7. Royal Observatory Greenwich
  8. Wellcome Collection
  9. Florence Nightingale Museum
  10. Anaesthesia Heritage Centre