Gluten-Free? Try These 12 Restaurants Near The Chilworth

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Dining out in a city when you have coeliac disease or an intolerance to gluten can be a major factor in choosing where to go out, and how much of a good time you can really have. After all, if you’re not able to eat safely and comfortably while exploring, it’s going to leave you feeling less than happy and dampen your experience.

While London is packed with all kinds of delicious food across the city, being gluten-free can sometimes make it a little more challenging, to find tasty things you can enjoy without worry. Luckily, many of the city’s restaurants, bars and cafés are well informed on dietary issues for customers, and it’s easier than ever to find great spaces to eat with friends and family, without worrying about having to deal with a very limited menu.

If you’re planning a stay in the city soon and will be staying at the Chilworth London Paddington Hotel, you’ll find plenty of fantastic gluten-free food choices nearby, across a range of cuisines. Read on for some of the top gluten-free dining choices in Paddington and central London, to help you plan the perfect meal out when you’re visiting.

Paddington Station


When you’re staying at The Chilworth and need a quick bite to eat from some of the best restaurants in Paddington, an easy and reliable port of call is the main café and restaurant area of Paddington Station itself. Ideal when you just want an easy snack or lunch before you head off elsewhere in the city, you’ll find plenty of choice and variety here, with many outlets offering a variety of gluten-free options.

For food that you can just grab off the shelf, check out M&S Simply Food or EAT, where they both provide a range of clearly marked and labelled gluten-free choices. If you’d prefer something warm and freshly prepared, the Italian chain, Zizzi’s will happily cater to gluten-free requirements, and you can even enjoy a gluten-free burger and fries from Burger King.

Another great choice is Yo Sushi. As well as having the fun and excitement of picking dishes off their colourful conveyor belt, many of the dishes are rice-based and free of gluten, and they can also provide gluten-free soy sauce and other ingredients upon request.

Darcie and May Green

The Paddington arm

A short and leisurely stroll from the Chilworth London Paddington Hotel, you’ll find the scenic green London hideaway known as Little Venice. With a quiet canal and lush, tree-lined pathways, framed by colourful barges and beautiful architecture, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a laid back and relaxing walk. While you’re there, be sure to head into the charming Aussie café, Darcie and May Green, which serves up a menu packed with plenty of delicious treats, including a great selection of gluten-free items.

Their Aussie-inspired brunches are always a great way to start a weekend, while the healthy and tasty salads provide a delicious midday meal. If you’re hankering for a cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to indulge in a slice of their sumptuous gluten-free cakes on the side.

Satay House

Asian Food

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Paddington that serve up great gluten-free food, you won’t want to miss out on this fantastic Malaysian-inspired spot. Satay House has been serving customers for over 30 years, and has earned a popular reputation in that time. With fresh and delicious food that brings fragrant South Asian flavours to the city, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a meal with friends or a special date.

They provide plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes, along with tempting seafood and meat-based dishes. They also cater to gluten-free requirements, and it’s best to tell your server about this before ordering, to ensure that the kitchen can prepare your meal appropriately.

Apres Food Co.

cakes & brownies

While plenty of great restaurants around London provide a good variety of gluten-free options, sometimes it can be refreshing to be able to dine somewhere without having to scrutinise the menu first, or worry about whether your special dish has been prepared correctly to avoid contamination. Apres Food Co., based in Clerkenwell, is an entirely gluten-free restaurant, allowing diners to enjoy delicious and tasty food without having to make any extra effort in worrying about what’s on the menu.

With a focus on healthy food that is all comfortably gluten-free, you can sample a wide variety of tasty treats, from indulgent comfort foods, such as cakes, brownies and desserts, to sumptuous curries, and even excellent gluten-free bread. Founded by a nutritional therapist originally, the restaurant carefully picks the ingredients and dishes on the menu, ensuring that you can feel great while enjoying something that tastes and looks good too.


Italian Food

If you really want to spend a day indulging yourself in all that London has to offer, start your day with a delicious Indian afternoon tea, before making your way down to Soho, to Leggero, the city’s only completely gluten-free Italian restaurant.

While plenty of Italian eateries in the capital have now embraced gluten-free eating and may provide a number of alternatives on the menu, at Leggero, you can enjoy the luxury of exploring any dish on the menu, without having to worry about what is in it.

At Leggero, you can take your pick from a wealth of pasta varieties, including ravioli, gnudi, and plenty more, as all of their dishes are made without gluten-based ingredients. Look out for their excellent bruschetta, which makes a great starter to share, and don’t miss out on the dreamy tiramisu to finish off.

With a fantastic selection of dishes, small plates and starters, this is an idea restaurant to visit when you’re planning to dine out with friends and family who may or may not be gluten-free. Dine in complete confidence, knowing that there is something for everyone to enjoy here. Just be sure to make a reservation if you plan to dine here, as it’s often a busy spot, understandably.


crunchy fish dish

If you’ve been craving the delicious, crispy feel-good factor of a classic plate of fish and chips, then head to Oliver’s. With two locations in London, one in Belsize Park and another in Whetstone, it’s absolutely worth making the journey from the Chilworth London Paddington Hotel, if you really want something that will hit the spot perfectly.

The popular fish and chip restaurant has been serving up traditionally made dishes for over ten years, and have recently become widely renowned for their gloriously golden and crispy gluten-free batter, that gives their fresh fish a satisfying crunch. Made with fresh fist every day, it’s also packed with flavour, and is hard to beat anywhere else.

You can find their gluten-free offerings on the menu everyday apart from Friday at their Belsize Park location, and on Wednesdays only at Whetstone.

The Hero of Maida

Located in the leafy heart of Paddington, this renowned gastropub is a great choice when you’re looking for some of the closest best restaurants in Paddington, and has plenty of delicious gluten-free options to choose from. The traditional Victorian pub has plenty of ambience and classic style, making it a wonderful place to head to for a satisfying Sunday roast or pub lunch, with plenty of gluten-free beer options on the menu too.

After a filling meal, enjoy a leisurely walk around the scenic neighbourhood to help you recover!


Another exclusively gluten-free spot, Niche was London’s first Coeliac UK accredited restaurant, providing confidence to anyone who wants to ensure that the food they enjoy is entirely free from any kind of contamination. The restaurant has been around since 2013, and soon made the decision to become entirely gluten-free, after one of its founders, Marc Warde, was diagnosed as Coeliac. The positive upshot of that however, is that Niche is now a leader in serving up exceptional food that everyone can enjoy, all presented with style and plenty of flavour.

There are plenty of tempting things to enjoy on the menu, covering a full range of delicious dishes including soups, pies, burgers and fried chicken. There are also some mouth-watering desserts to tuck into too, from their famous pecan pie to a delicious selection of ice creams.

As Niche has emerged in response to addressing the need for gluten-free food, the restaurant also does well in considering other dietary needs too. There aren’t many restaurants in London that explicitly offer dishes suitable for people on low fodmap diets, but you’ll be able to find a delicious and reasonable range of choices here. There are also several lactose-free dishes, helping everyone to enjoy a great meal out, whatever their requirements.

Located close to Sadler’s Wells Theatre, this is a great spot to go to for pre-theatre dining or a more sumptuous meal after a show.

Mother Mash


The classic combination of bangers and mash – otherwise known as mashed potatoes, sausages and gravy – instantly evokes warm, cosy feelings of nostalgia and comfort, and it’s truly hard to beat that simple but delicious pairing. When you’ve got to consider gluten-free dining however, it can be a little more complicated, as sausages can often have hidden gluten present in the casings.

Luckily, this is where Mother Mash comes to the rescue of its gluten-free diners. The fun and popular Soho establishment specialises in serving up the perfect feel good food, with a great selection of pies, sausages, and of course, creamy mashed potato, made fresh with locally sourced spuds.

Choose your particular type of mash, from traditional creamy classics, to delicately flavoured versions with horseradish or chilli, or an old-fashioned bubble and squeak, dotted with peas, onions and cabbage. Gluten-free sausages are clearly marked on their menu, and there are also a number of gluten-free gravy choices to complete the dish to perfection.

Lola’s Cupcakes

cup cakes

A deliciously sweet and indulgent cupcake is always a special treat to enjoy at any time of the day, and if you’ve been wondering where to find an exceptional gluten-free option in London, then this popular cupcake chain is a great choice. Lola’s are renowned for making beautiful and delicious cupcakes with a variety of mouth-watering toppings, and their gluten-free options are just as tasty as their other cakes.

You can also order larger speciality cakes for birthdays and other occasions, making celebrating while staying gluten-free easy to do.

The Good Life Eatery

If staying healthy and nutritious, whilst enjoying some delicious and appetising fare is important to you, then it’s well worth heading to one of the branches of The Good Life Eatery, dotted around London. The growing healthy eating spot has its roots in sunny LA, where most healthy-eating trends begin, and a few years ago, the founders decided to start up in London too.

Since established their first store in Sloane Avenue in 2013, the restaurant has only grown in popularity, with its diverse and delicious mix of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options that ensure that everything has something to enjoy. Start your day right with a nourishing gluten-free granola or acai bowl, or indulge in some delicious waffles, topped with creamy vegan yoghurt and fresh fruit compote. You can even put together your own customised avocado toast, with a great option of toppings and add ons that allow you to be as indulgent as you like.


Part of the Ottolenghi family of Mediterranean-inspired restaurants around London, Nopi is located conveniently in Soho, making it a good spot to head to for lunch or dinner when you want something tasty, and reassuringly gluten-free.

The restaurant offers a dedicated gluten-free menu, with a variety of options that change on a regular basis, and as always with Ottolenghi, you can look forward to dishes that are packed with heaps of colour, texture and flavour, with plenty of fresh and appetising ingredients in the mix.

With a spacious and inviting layout, Nopi is a great place to go to for an intimate dinner or with a large group, but make sure you book ahead first.