Wellbeing comes naturally at The Chilworth. It’s always been at the heart of what we do. As you settle into your stay, you’ll feel it in little touches like the aromatic hot towels and fresh juice you enjoyed on arrival, sleep mist on your pillow, results-focused spa treatments and a menu of fresh, honest food as nutritious as it is delicious.
Mind, Body & City takes this philosophy one step further to provide a perfectly immersive urban escape that begins a journey towards a better you.
We carefully consider every element of your stay for optimum wellbeing, with a programme designed to provide a holistic, health-enhancing experience that could become a catalyst for lasting lifestyle change.
Feel your best from the moment you arrive. Nourish your body and soothe your soul. Know that serenity can be synonymous with the city. Experience the uncommon luxury of urban wellbeing.

The Journey

The Room

Refreshed from a welcome drink and a dab of lavender oil, step into a room where every detail has been carefully considered to enhance your sense of wellbeing. We’ve given the minibar a makeover, filling it with nutritious nibbles and Tenzing energy drink – even the chocolate (made with raw Peruvian cacao) is full of goodness. Organic coffee is infused with vitamins, and there’s a thoughtful selection of flavoursome Pukka teas. In the bathroom, soak up the goodness of a shower infused with vitamin C, knowing every drop neutralises chlorine and provides antioxidants for your hair, skin and nails.

The Workout

Mind, Body & City advocates the unique spaces around us to enhance wellbeing through stimulation. Get out into the park with a range of runs – 1,3 and 5-mile variations are mapped out for your convenience and bottled water is included. Guided runs can also be arranged on request, as can seeing the sights the healthy way with a guided bike ride through London’s royal parks.

  • runingmaps

    Running maps

  • Guidedruns

    Guided runs

The spa

Mind, Body & City guests enjoy spa privileges, too, with an exclusive saving of 15% on our full range of treatments and a fresh smoothie shot on the house. Treatments are always tailored to your lifestyle goals, delivered with the deft touch of experienced therapists. Lose yourself in the jacuzzi or steam room, then emerge with a Mind, Body & City goodie bag. Back in your room, zone out on your yoga mat with an in-room guide to help you meditate more effectively. And when the weather’s fine, head to the park for yoga al fresco.
  • Spa Saving

    15% spa saving

  • Goodie Bag

    Goodie bag

  • Yoga

    Yoga mat

The Food

We believe in food that’s naturally good for you, and our chefs know just how to make it taste irresistible – even more so with an enticing 15% saving in our restaurant exclusively for Mind, Body & City guests. You’ll start the day with a delicious, nutrient-boosting breakfast – included in the programme, and will likely be tempted back for lunch or dinner by menus that list beautifully simple dishes prepared with the season’s freshest and finest ingredients.
  • Restaurant Saving

    15% saving in the Restaurant

The great night’s sleep

Shouldn’t a hotel room be the obvious place to go to learn the secrets of a great night’s sleep? Mind, Body & City does the thinking for you, providing a sleep kit complete with slumber-inducing essentials like aromatherapy mist, a sleep mask and ear plugs. Now’s the time to order your Moon Milk – a milky bedtime drink with a dusting of sleep-friendly spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and turmeric. And our ‘Beditation’ guide is designed to help even the most switched-on guests switch off. At the end of the day, you’re all set for the sleep of your dreams.
  • Sleepkit

    Sleep kit

  • Moonmilk

    Moon milk

  • Beditation


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Club: Retreat

Club Retreats are urban hideaways optimised for your wellbeing. Pale greys and soft, powder blues invite instant relaxation, while crisp, white bedlinen beckons you to explore the contents of your sleep kit. Temperature, lighting and sound all work together to create a space that’s just right for you. The minibar is stocked with healthy snacks (yet no less delicious), and the bathroom brims with complimentary, bespoke bath products – primed for pampering under your vitamin-enriched rain shower.


The Spa


The Park


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