Where to Find The Tastiest Vegan Food In London


Vegan food is everywhere in London, thanks to both a boom in demand and the city’s well-known acceptance of all things new in the culinary world. We’ve compiled this quick guide to share some of the top places you’ll find great vegan fare during your trip, to help make tracking down all your favourites a little easier.

The Chilworth Restaurant


Primrose Hill

Once a vegetarian mainstay for the fashionable Primrose Hill set, Manna is now one of North London’s most popular venues for vegans after converting the entire menu to plant-based dishes in recent years. The flavours are inspired by tastes from around the globe, ensuring this is one place where no one can claim vegan food is bland!

Black Cat Café


vegan london 2

Offering one of the most appealing vegan menus in the city, the Black Cat Café is an East London hub for those seeking meat-free alternatives, and it combines a delicious range of burgers and other quick ‘grab and go’ style meals with a selection of yummy soy-based milkshakes and vegan cakes. If you’re not quite in the mood for a meal, then you can also purchase plentiful vegan ingredients for trying later, making this one of the top vegan destinations for guests at our hotels near Paddington.

Coal Rooms


vegan food 1

Specialising in small plates of carefully prepared food, this restaurant isn’t 100% vegan, but it is vegetarian – and the staff are more than happy to amend any of the dishes to ensure they meet vegan standards. There’s plenty to try here and the restaurant is home to a particularly hip clientele, so you’ll be in good company while you dine.

Apres Food Co


breakfast vegan london

If you’ve finished sampling the best restaurants in Paddington and feel like moving on to another venue, then this Clerkenwell café is a great place to start. The entire space is designed to offer delicious vegan food in a relaxed setting, and there’s a lot of care and attention shown in each and every dish. Vegan breakfasts, salads and platters are particular hits from the menu, alongside healthy shots and juices in a wide variety of flavours.



vegan burgar

Mildreds is arguably the most famous vegan-friendly restaurant in the city, and it has plenty of dishes to impress vegetarians and other dietary requirements (such as gluten-free), ensuring it’s a great spot to dine with friends. The menu is mainly comprised of vegan burgers, bowls and curries, all of which make great winter warmers during your stay at hotels near Paddington.



indian vegan dish london


With a 1930’s ‘Jazz Age’ look and feel (and a soundtrack to match), Dishoom is a popular hotspot for Indian cuisine. The restaurant starts serving early in the morning and continues late into the night, and there’s a full vegan menu alongside the traditional offerings, making it a fully-inclusive space ideal for a wide range of occasions. You’ll be drawn in by the dishes as much as the fun, buzzy atmosphere.