What’s on at the Serpentine gallery this month?

Serpentine gallery

Nestled in the beautiful setting of Hyde Park, the Serpentine Gallery is a popular spot for art lovers thanks to its impressive collection of modern and contemporary arts.

With a regular calendar of events, there’s always something new and exciting to see at the Serpentine Gallery, so let’s take a look at what visitors can expect to find going on this month.

Pierre Huyghe: UUmwelt – 3 Oct 2018 to 10 Feb 2019

For this immersive exhibition, areas of the Serpentine Gallery have been completely transformed to prove an ecological ‘canvas’ by world famous artist, Pierre Huyghe.

In his latest work, Huyghe has used live flies to make a bold statement on emerging intelligence, biological reproduction and instinctual behaviours. He aims to introduce his audience to a new experience where they themselves are introduced to the art, rather than the other way around.

As the Chilworth hotel London is located just a short walk from the gallery, visitors can witness this usual artform for themselves which also uses LED screens and flash photography to create a stand out exhibition.

Atelier E.B: Passer-by – 3 Oct 2018 to 6 Jan 2019

Located at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, just a five-minute walk away from the main Serpentine Gallery and ten minutes from the Chilworth hotel London, Atelier E.B, the collaborative fashion label by designer Beca Lipscombe and artist Lucy McKenzie is showcasing an exhibition surrounding the mannequin as its central theme.

Also exploring the theme of retail display in a digital age, this exhibition will appeal to lovers of art and fashion alike as it charts the use of mannequins through iconic department stores and fashion retail under communism.

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Lee Ufan: Relatum – Stage – 6 Feb 2018 to 27 Jan 2019

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of our luxury London hotels special offers, then hopefully the weather will be kind during your visit as one of the most impressive exhibitions available at the Serpentine Gallery this month is a series of outdoor installations.

The first new sculpture to grace Kensington Gardens in almost eight years, artist Lee Ufan has created this minimalist piece of work using only steel and stone in his piece titled Relatum – Stage.

This installation merges the natural and industrial in a poetic installation that reflects the surrounding environment of the park with the artist taking inspiration from the Neolithic monuments dotted around the British countryside.

Using two angled steel sheets to act as a mirror and two different-sized stones sources from Wales, Ufan invites viewers to experience his latest installation from different angles as it unfolds around them.

Available to enjoy throughout the winter months, you might want to wrap up warm to enjoy this particular outdoor exhibit from the Serpentine Gallery.