Westminster Abbey: The History and How to Get There

westminster abbey

With more than a thousand years of history, Westminster Abbey is a tourist hot spot where visitors from all of the world flock to admire the commemorative monuments and venue for royal coronations every year.

The abbey is centrally located, making it easy to reach by tube from our hotels near Chilworth and is a must see for anyone visiting London.

Not only can tourists visit the resting places of notable figures from throughout British history, but Westminster Abbey also houses a vast collection of priceless religious art and significant artefacts.

Let’s take a brief tour of the history of Westminster Abbey and discuss the best way to reach this world-famous historical attraction.

The present church was constructed by Henry III in 1245, although the site had previously been home to several smaller churches and places of worship prior to this.

Influenced by French and gothic architecture of the period, the majority of the abbey we see today still follows this style, although there were several additions to the structure in later years.

Internally, the beautiful fan vaulting created during this period still remains and is one of the most recognisable cathedral interiors in the world. Over the next few centuries, towers, naves and choir stalls were added in a complementary style.

Since the time of William the Conqueror, almost every British sovereign has been crowned in the abbey. Westminster Abbey also has a long tradition of royal weddings, beginning with Henry I’s marriage in 1100. The abbey was also the venue for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011.

One of the main attractions of Westminster Abbey is the shrines and burial places of British kings and queens. The last sovereign to be buried at the abbey was George II with the rest of the monarch laid to rest at Windsor palace after his passing.

There are also several other famous names commemorated or buried at the abbey, including Sir Isaac Newton, Author Charles Dickens and naturalist Charles Darwin.

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If you’ve already made a reservation, the easiest way to reach Westminster Abbey from our hotels near Chilworth is via tube from Earl’s Court station.

Take the circle line that leaves the station every twelve-minutes and you’ll reach Westminster station in just under half an hour. From there, it’s just a few minutes stroll to the abbey.

As Westminster Abbey is such an important part of the history of London and indeed the entire UK, it can become rather crowded at certain times of the day. However, if you make the effort to get up early and reach Westminster Abbey just as it opens, you’ll be able to view all of the shrines, exhibits and artefacts in relative peace.