Van Gogh in London – the most notable exhibition in a decade

London view

The current Van Gogh exhibition taking place in London is the first of its kind since 1947, and has already drawn plenty of reviews and praise thanks to the rareness of the occasion, and the special status of the artist. The exhibition is perhaps the most notable public display of art in over a decade, thanks to not only its subject matter, but the way its explored.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what to expect from Van Gogh and Britain – and detail some of the figures who were inspired by this artist and his creative output.

What is the Van Gogh exhibition about?

The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain (until 11th August 2019) is a unique chance to find out more about the relationship the artist had with Britain – something which is rarely discussed or documented, yet proved influential to him. Yet Van Gogh was not only inspired by Britain, but also helped to inspire more than one generation of British artists, with an appeal which is enduring amongst the British art scene. While staying at The Chilworth, this is a fantastic exhibition for all ages who are intrigued by one of the most significant figures in collective art history.

Van Gogh and Britain

The exhibition includes some of the most famous pieces ever created by the artist, making it essential viewing for art fans staying at The Chilworth. These pieces include the likes of Starry Night, Prisoners Exercising and Sunflowers, which is being lent by the National Gallery in a rare move which helps emphasise just how special this exhibit truly is.

Van Gogh spent some time living in English during his youth, and whilst he spent much of this time alone, he also fell madly in love with British culture, embracing the work of contemporary authors such as Dickens and Eliot, and taking cues from work by fellow painters Millais and Constable – influences which would prove crucial throughout his own career.

Van Gogh as artistic inspiration

In addition to Van Gogh’s own work, the exhibition also helps to contextualise the artist and his output, by examining the influential British artists who were in turn influenced by him. These include the likes of David Bomberg, Francis Bacon and the Camden Town Group, all of whom saw in Van Gogh a road to a new form of modern art. While enjoying London hotel special offers, a visit to the exhibit is the ideal way to connect with a figure who is often seen as troubled and remote – and unveils instead a more personal story.

When can I see the exhibition?

The exhibition commenced on 27th March 2019 and will run until 11th August 2019. It is proving extremely popular, so advance booking is recommended for anyone eager to see Van Gogh’s work up-close. There are extended opening hours for the Van Gogh and Britain exhibit on 19th-20th August (closing at 22:00) and 21st-22nd April (closing at 20:00).