Treat Your Taste Buds: Central London’s Top Spots for Summery Ice Cream

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Of course, here at The Chilworth, we certainly advocate wellness, mindfulness and looking after both body and mind, in harmony; and yet, we also believe that to do that properly (especially when taking advantage of London hotels special offers during a marvelous stay in the capital), it’s important to indulge yourself just a little – now and again.

To wit, this article, then, is all about helping you seek out, find and treat yourself to the wares of some of Central London’s finest ice cream parlours. After all, what better way to unwind, breathe in the glorious green-oxygenated air and enjoy the splendiferous surroundings of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park or Regents Park on a fine summer’s day than by enjoying a great-tasting gelato during your stroll? What better way, indeed…!


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How about a bubbly gelato-filled waffle that’s topped with delicious extras (available on a weekly-changing basis) – the likes of Oreos, salted caramel and fruit? Sounds good, right? No, it sounds terrific! And it’s all courtesy of this Chinatown establishment.

Chin Chin Labs

Camden Locks is your destination for something a little different (just in general, frankly!) because the curiously-monikered Chin Chin Labs is go-to ice cream parlour for liquid nitrogen-created delicacies. You order your dessert and then watch it frozen via, yes, the inclusion of liquid nitrogen. Flavours change weekly at this oh-so cool yet classy place.

La Gelateria

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How about trying tongue-tingling chili and basil as your ice cream flavour? True, it may be a bit, well, hot this time of year, but weird and wonderful tastes are the calling card here at this ‘gelato laboratory’ located in the heart of Covent Garden, the winner of several respected foodie awards for all its deliriously delicious handmade treatments.


Soho’s Lick is definitely where to head for an über-tasty range of 24 unique ice cream flavours, every single day. Here you’ll find gelatos that hit the tongue like milkshakes, floats and affogato (coffee and gelato), all created with Illy coffee. It also offers gelato cakes, allergy-friendly gelato and alcoholic flavours for adults. Not bad, eh? (Actually, while you’re at it, why not also seek out some of the best French patisserie London?)

Gelateria 3BIS

Take a step inside the foodies’ paradise that’s Borough Market for this parlour that’s dedicated to upholding the historical craftsmanship that’s behind the creation of the very Italian gelato desserts. It’s a picture-postcard-pretty parlour, for sure, and its ice cream and sorbet creations are, you can be sure, produced via only the very best quality ingredients from Italy, itself.


ice cream parlor 4

Soho, again, is the stop-off destination for awesome artisan ice cream, courtesy of the colourful district’s Gelupo parlour. The ice cream delicacies are taken seriously here, all right, what with all its specialist churning machinery that ensures the most luxurious, delicious outcome possible. Flavour tempters include the likes lemon, custard and almond, as well as a veritably wonderful offering of vegan tastes.

La Grotta Ices

It may be a little distance from any of the hotels near Paddington, admittedly, but if you’re in the area, then this Bermondsey establishment’s well worth popping into to sample its undoubtedly coveted creations crafted from seasonal ingredients (note, though, it’s only actually open on limited Saturdays from May to September; but then, that’ll only make a visit all the more special, no doubt).

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

ice cream parlor 5

Unique is the key at this – again – curiously named parlour, to be found in Soho’s Chinatown. The accent, to be sure, is on ‘dirty’ ice cream, what with it delivering indulgent tastes courtesy of its fabulous Filipino flavours and techniques. However, don’t get carried away this is a fast and loose place – the hygiene (especially in these necessarily concerned times) is first-rate, allowing you to focus all your attention on flavours like purple ube, milo, black buko and vegan specials guyabano and calamansi. Wowzers!

Milk Train

Another Covent Garden establishment, this quirky place is where soft-serve ice cream’s absolutely the name of the game. Perhaps its impressive portfolio’s biggest highlight is a dreamy candyfloss cone, which fabulously puts two childhood favourites together – yes, a cloud of candyfloss all around delicious ice cream.


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With venues spread throughout the capital (including just across Hyde Park in sumptuous South Kensington), this Italian family-owned gelato bastion of London Town is much-loved, to say the least. And that’s no surprise, given it offers visitors a range of in excess of 100 different flavors to choose from, all on a daily basis, courtesy of its artisan laboratory where its age-old and new recipes are conjured.