Top Tips for Dressing Like an English Gentleman


How you choose to dress is about more than putting together a trendsetting outfit.

If you’re about in London, then no doubt, you’ll be inspired by the timeless look of an English Gentleman. Thankfully, London is the perfect place to be to polish up your style game, and if you’re staying in hotels Near Paddington Station then you’re in the prime position to revamp your wardrobe.

English menswear is less about bombastic style, and more about impeccable fit and taste. While clothing may seem understated and formal at first glance, by choosing pieces that fit your body as well as possible, you’ll be able to evoke a more timeless and gentlemanly look.

Read on to discover some great tips to help you get a dapper new appearance.

Pay Attention to Details

Dressing like an English gentleman is all about the details, and you’ll need to pay close attention to make sure you get the look right. It’s about much more than simply picking up a nice looking jacket from a store rail – you’ll want to pay attention to everything from the cut and style of each piece, to the type of fabric used.

When choosing a jacket, you should look for a piece that fits you well, without being too tight or loose across your chest, with shoulders that sit perfectly above your own shoulder line. Sleeves should sit half an inch above your shirt cuff, and it should have a bold, defined waist. Choose a jacket in a fabric that looks and feels substantial – you can even source some classic English cloth makers for a very traditional look.

Trousers should fit just as well, and look exceptionally neat. Braces or suspenders can often be a great touch – while they make a serious style statement, they’re also very practical and help your waistband stay at the right level, and prevent your shirt from getting messily untucked.

Another classic item in the English gentleman’s arsenal is the waistcoat, which is both practical and stylish. It can be a great way to add an extra layer when it’s a little colder, as well as injecting an extra hint of colour to a suit. Make sure you never button up the last fastening on a waistcoat though, as that can leave an unsightly bulge.

Choose the Best in Ready to Wear

Dressing in a classic and timeless style is much easier in a stylish city like London, as you’ll find plenty of choice around you, at every price point. From budget high street fashion to more upmarket designer wear, with a careful eye, it’s not impossible to create a high powered and impactful look, and you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on luxury clothing.

The key to choosing the best in ready to wear is looking for the best fitting items. Check important points to assess whether or not something fits you well – check that a jacket or shirt is not too tight or loose-fitting, and make sure that the length is right for your body. It’s also worth investing in having a few personalised tweaks made when necessary – having those small details adjusted on a shirt or pair of trousers can make an every day high street item look much more expensive and tailored.

While styles will often come and pass, for a really classic look, opt for pieces that aren’t heavily influenced by short term trends, and instead choose pieces that you know you’ll be able to wear for longer.

Timeless colours such as navy, olive and burgundy will never lose their place in the style world, while more showy colours can often fall in and out of favour. If you’re really not sure, choose one primary colour from head to toe, with smaller accents of bright colours or prints to add a little extra touch of personality.

Lastly, check out your footwear. Choosing the right, or wrong, pair of shoes can make all the difference to getting that smart, English look, and classic shoe styles are a clear winner here.

Look for well-made dress shoes in a variety of styles to suit different occasions, including brogues, oxfords and derby shoes. As with your suit choices, classic neutral colours are best, including black, tan and chocolate brown.

And to finish off, don’t forget the socks. Bare ankles are certainly in style right now, and if you want to emulate the bare look, look for no-show socks that provide discreet comfort and bold style.

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Or head to Savile Row for the ultimate in style

If you’re serious about your gentlemanly attire, then there’s only one place to head to in London: the home of bespoke tailoring, Savile Row.

Located in Mayfair, Savile Row is the historic heart of tailoring in the city, with expert tailors setting up shop there in the late 18th century. During World War One, many of their tailors were occupied in creating smart suiting for military officers, and the traditional approach to hand-crafted suit making has continued to the present day. Renowned for producing some of the best men’s formal wear in the world, you’ll be able to be measured up before a bespoke suit is created just for you, by hand.

But along with craftsmanship, you can now also enjoy a wider range of style, from old school tailoring to more modern approaches to wearing a suit, including a more diverse range of fits, colours and flamboyant prints.

Getting a suit made for yourself on Savile Row requires both a time and financial investment, as this is often a piece of clothing that will last for generations. If you’re considering having a bespoke suit made, check out London hotels special offers beforehand, so you can spend time to find the right tailor and suit style for you.

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