Tips for Travelling London on a Budget

Tips for Travelling London on a Budget

It’s no secret that London is one of the most expensive cities globally. But even with this, the vibrant capital is still one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city welcomes more than 30 million visitors annually and is home to over 9 million people that call this place home. There are 32 boroughs in London, each offering something unique, with the overall city being home to a diverse community. The London Borough of Chelsea and Kensington and places like Soho and Mayfair tend to be more expensive than other parts of the city. In addition, most top attractions are located in central London, making it a popular choice with tourists. 

One of London’s hype is the array of shopping options and vibrant gastronomy culture. Living on the high-end is synonymous with Londoners; however, this does not come cheap. To get a glimpse of London’s opulence without digging deep into your pocket, check out these Luxury London Hotels Special Offers. Another cost-effective way to spend less on your visit is to check out these top tips for travelling to London on a budget.

Booking a hotel in London

Booking a hotel in London

Aside from flights, hotels are likely your highest cost when visiting London. This is particularly true if you plan on visiting during peak months. Most properties tend to hike prices over the holiday season, and in addition, the more central you are, the more likely you will pay more than you should. However, considering all the benefits of central properties, this is likely the best option for visitors looking to experience attractions and shopping in London. One of the best tips ahead of booking is to reserve rooms in advance. Also, several properties run offers discounting travellers according to the nights spent.

Furthermore, check if your stay includes free WiFi and complimentary breakfast. Most hotel breakfasts are enough to fuel you for the day ahead. So there will be no need to make a sandwich stop at these Restaurants Near Paddington Railway Station.

Eating in London

Eating in London

There is no separating the city of London from vibrant gastronomy. This culinary city is home to various restaurants ranging from high-end Michelin Star spots to street food markets. While there’s no denying that dining at some of the restaurants in Kensington is a sure way of eating the best ingredients, stylishly presented to maximise taste. However, the true beauty in London’s food experiences is in the markets. Head to Borough Market, Maltby Street Market and Chinatown to experience the best affordable dishes in the city. Neale’s Yard in Covent Garden is the place to go if you’re hoping to find exceptional pastries and artisanal cheeses for making your own picnic sandwiches. And, of course, no trip to London would be complete without experiencing afternoon tea. So check out these Afternoon Tea London Offers.

Visit like a Londoner

There is no denying tourist hotspots demand high costs in any destination globally. However, avoiding tourist traps is one of the most cost-efficient and best ways to experience any city. Unfortunately, London is full of such places, particularly during peak season. Visitors looking to save a buck, however, there are several hacks to spend less without compromising your experience. One of the ways is to see the city like a local. 

Commute: The London Underground is your friend when looking to travel around London. With 272 tube stations in the city, tubes running every few minutes, visitors can access the different parts of London at most times of the day for minimal cost. In addition, hotels like The Chilworth London are well-appointed near tube stations, giving visitors convenience and hassle-free travel. Visitors exploring this option will need to purchase an Oyster Card or Travel Card that provides access to most public transport in the city. 

Free attractions: London caters to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. As you go through the city, expect to see streets lined with at least one major attraction, some offering free access for most parts of the year. The museums and parks in London are popular places to visit without spending a cent. There are over 6000 parks and gardens in the city, and Hyde Park is one of those places which are a must-see free attraction in London. Here you will find an array of activities, including free exhibitions at the Serpentine Galleries and impressive monuments like the Diana Memorial Fountain. For history buffs, make your way to the Natural History Museum, located a 1-minute walk away from the Science Museum London. The museum is open daily from 10 am and houses a collection of specimens like dinosaur fossils boasting impressive architecture.

Thames Clipper: Cruising along the Thames is one of the most highly-recommended activities in the city. However, most companies charge a sizeable amount for enjoying this relaxing sightseeing experience. The Thames Clipper is a favourite with locals and perfect for commuting between The Royal Borough of Greenwich to other parts of the city. In addition, it’s one of the best ways of avoiding traffic while capturing the scenic landscape of London’s attraction from the water. The added advantage is that visitors can use the Oyster Card to pay for the ride, which is cheaper than purchasing a separate boat tour ticket.

Special Offers: As any veteran traveller will tell you, the best way to travel for less is with special offers. While hotels, airlines and restaurants run these regularly, visitors will need to do additional searches for deals at attractions. For example, one of the popular attraction deals in London is the ‘2 for 1 offer’. These give you access to places like The London London Aquarium and Madame Tussaud. 

Walk your way: Walking through London is the best way to experience this historic capital. Hidden gems are located throughout the city and are likely missed when travelling by car or public transport. See the secret alleyways of the city and bargain hunt at some of the best streetside boutiques in London.