Things to Do in London When It Is Raining

Things to Do in London When It Is Raining

The British capital is infamous for its bad weather. However, that does not mean that you can do nothing in the city during the sudden spells. As a matter fact, when it rains, there is no better way to snuggle up in the many great attractions of the city and enjoy it when it is raining outside. From the culture filled art galleries to wonderful and exquisite museums, London has innumerable places where you spend time and know more about the city without worrying or getting drenched in the rain.

Moreover, if you are into entertainment, there is no better excuse to grab tickets to one of the finest West End shows when the city is experiencing one of its sudden spells. Even if you are staying at a hotel near london Paddington the art galleries and West End shows are just round the corner. So, do not get upset when the weather betrays your plan, instead rebel the rain and make a day out of it.

You can take idea to some of the places you can visit or activities you can indulge in from the list given below and enjoy staying in the capital like never before.

Visit an Exhibition!

London Exhibition

There are lots of places in the city, like museums and art galleries where you can check out the latest exhibitions. Drop in at the National Portrait Gallery which showcases the remarkable range of photography. It is commissioned by British Vogue since; it was founded in the year 1916. You will be able to check out over 280 prints from Conde Nast archive along with the international collections on display. They are for the first time on display to tell their story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the globe.

Get Enchanted by A West End Show

West End Shows London

The best part of the cold and rainy weather outside is. It gives you an excuse to stay warm and inside. And here inside does not mean to stay within the four walls of your hotel rooms; instead, you can enjoy a combination of talents and storytelling and get mesmerized to your soul. There are shows like Lion King and Aladdin that are a treat for the entire family. You can also arrange a perfect wrap up of a rainy day followed by drinks and a delicious dinner.

West End shows

If you are lucky, you can grab the last minute tickets and avail great discounts. On the other hand, if watching the shows are not enough to fulfill your art renting heart, then, join the daily tours available at Royal Albert Hall, National Theater and Shakespeare’s Globe including a tour of the backstage, the costumes, props and much more. It will give you a vivid idea of what exactly goes on backstage whose beautiful result you see on the stage.

Historical London Markets

The rain will not stop you from experiencing the unique boroughs of the city and the wide range of markets that it offers. From Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill to Shoreditch’s Spitalfields market, there are lots to know and buy in here. And not to forget, the food lovers can indulge in Borough Market and Camden Lock market and get in touch with its rich food scene starting from simple street foods to gourmet ingredients.

If you are wondering that how can you stay in and dry during the rains when the markets are out in the open, then, that is not so. Most of the markets have been modernized and are under shade so that even the slightest spell of rain is unable to ruin your great day of shopping and eating. Wander around the stables and stalls and stay dry and warm at the same time. If you are planning on inviting some friends for dinner or lunch at home, the markets can be your best place to pick up freshest of ingredients and gourmet foods from the exotic food counters. Do not let the rain, spoil your fun and enjoy the warmth of the markets on a cold rainy day.

Watch A Cinema

For a rainy day, forget big buckets of popcorn and sticky floors, instead, opt for some more upmarket and indie. The joint of Curzon Cinemas all around the city of London is the best place to unwind and relax on a gloomy day with comfortable chairs that have enough rooms to snuggle, perfect to enjoy the silver screen.


This is not all, as there is also a great selection of delectable treats and a bar to fulfill your liquor demands. Enjoy a more artsy European latest release in this place. For an alternative experience, you can enjoy Hampstead Heath’s The Everyman which is also located on Baker Street. This place is ideal for an individual experience, as an independent network of cinema. Both smaller films and international blockbusters are shown here so you can suit yourself. This place has everything that a cinema needs to have but with a luxury flair.

Visit A Pub

Visit A Pub

This is not a brilliant idea but, a more common option that most of the Londoners opt for in a cold, somber, rainy day. At the same time, it will be best if you find a pub with a fireplace, there is nothing like the warmth with ale of beer in the surrounding of friends, you can spend hours talking and unwinding. From the old man pubs at Soho to the historic watering holes at Greenwich, there are lots of pubs that will be appealing to you. Just ask a local for directions, and soon you will find yourself drinking your way out of the cold weather.

Play Some Pool

Play Some Pool

There are several opportunities to play pool on a lazy rainy day in London, in case you are looking for one. Clerkenwell’s 1920 have four American Pool tables with a great cocktail bar. For the traditional pool hall, you can try out the Riley’s Sports Bar in Haymarket or Victoria. It also has some big screens showing the latest sports live in active.