The Best Exhibitions at London Museums This Month

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Know More about Victorian Times Museums in the city of London

London is a treasure trove of museums, and we have the Victorians to thank for that. With a vast empire and an almost obsessive drive to collect and categorise things, the Victorians – and Victoria herself – founded numerous museums across the capital.

Today, these beautiful buildings are still full of historical treasures, and there are more than you could ever see in a single visit to London. That’s why we’ve selected some of the very best exhibitions that are on right now.

Nelson Mandela: The Centenary Exhibition

Elizabeth house

On show at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre, this exhibition looks back at the long struggle and ultimate triumph of Nelson Mandela.

Now one of the most famous political figures of all time, Mandela was once regarded as a dangerous subversive- a terrorist, even – and was imprisoned for decades. The exhibition explores this period of Mandela’s life, then segues into his release and, ultimately, his triumph. Staying at the Chilworth Hotel London Paddington, you’ve only got a short journey to enjoy this fantastic exhibition.

This is a very intimate exhibition, with many of Mandela’s personal belongings on display, including his beloved collection of Shakespeare that he read to maintain his spirits while in prison. It’s a wonderfully well-done exhibition and a timely example of how even the most oppressed of people can emerge victorious in the end.

Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics

The way people engage with politics and the way they protest, has changed in fundamental ways since the internet took over the world. And that’s what this exhibition is all about.

Looking at how the internet has fundamentally altered the worlds of graphic design and politics, the Hope to Nope exhibition is a revealing and eye-opening exhibition. Hope to Nope is very much focused on recent world events – Brexit, the Trump Presidency – and how a generation raised on the internet reacts to these events.

It’s the type of exhibition that forces you to think about the world we all live in, and just how much things have changed in a very short period. And, if it’s all a bit much, you’re well placed to sample some of the best restaurants Paddington London has to offer.

The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy

Officially the world’s oldest open-submission exhibition, The Summer Exhibition 2018 is the 250th anniversary of the event and might be one of the best. And, happily, it’s close by to your Montcalm accommodation Paddington London.

Throwing open the doors of the Royal Academy to emerging artists, this year’s iteration of the exhibition is under the watchful eye of famed artist Greyson Perry. Focusing on the art of today, The Summer Exhibition is always a delight and a place to see the artists of tomorrow right now.

But there are also works from established, big names of the art world as well, so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. It’s always a great exhibition, and some of the artists you see will no doubt soon be very well-known names.