The Best Art Galleries in and Around Paddington

Art Gallery

When it comes down to it, London is one of the premium art destinations in the world. It’s home to mega-galleries like the Tate Modern, but also the site of a raft of huge museums and exhibition spaces dealing in classic art, some hundreds of years old. If you love art, London is the place to get your fix.

Paddington is no slouch in this area, either. The immediate environs have a number of great galleries, all offering something different and unique. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best.

Maddox Gallery

A 15-minute walk from Montcalm’s Chilworth Hotel London Paddington, Maddox Gallery specialises in contemporary and modern art, with exhibitions constantly ongoing, and new work always on display.

art gallery

It’s a chic, ultra-cool space and one of the bigger galleries in the area. The current roster of artists on display includes Michael Moebius, David Yarrow and Andy Warhol. The Current ‘Spring Contemporary 2018’ group exhibition aims to bring together many of the most well-known artists from around the globe, with pieces from Banksy, Julian Opie, Damian Hirst and pop-art pioneer Roy Liechtenstein all on show.

It’s a great gallery and worth visiting after a spot of afternoon tea near Paddington in one of the many nearby cafes and bistros.

Cube Gallery

Just across from Paddington and on the edge of Marylebone, Cube Gallery has been specialising in the quirky and the new since 2011.

cube gallery

Cube Gallery is only a 15-minute walk from Montcalm’s Chilworth Hotel London, Paddington and it’s definitely a location worth making the time to see. Cube features work from British and international artists, focusing on established and emerging talents, so you’ll have the chance to see some names you know and some you’ll probably know very soon.

The space is very light and airy, and the staff welcoming. If you’ve plumped for one of our London hotels deals or special offers, you’re already close by and it’d be a crime not to visit.

Démodé Arts Gallery

With a more earthy, shabby chic aesthetic, Démodé Arts Gallery is not just an amazing repository of art, it’s a great location in its own right.

art gallery london

Right in the heart of Paddington, it’s less than 5-minutes from your Chilworth Hotel London Paddington by foot and one of the best art galleries in the area. It’s all stripped stone walls and comfy chairs, with art hanging all around. It feels more like a visit to an eccentric, art-loving friend’s house than a sterile gallery, which is a big part of the charm of Démodé.

Dealing in classic and contemporary art, the gallery has a huge range of paintings, sculptures and other works, all stunning. Démodé has a welcoming atmosphere and an eclectic style that feels very modern and on-trend. You’ll get to see a great range of different styles and artists, some you may recognise and some you won’t. Either way, it’s all great art.