Leaving so soon? 5 reasons to book your return trip to the Chilworth Paddington


It’s never easy to say goodbye, so let’s instead just say farewell until next time. And with everything going on in and around London over the next year, you’ll want to guarantee there is a next time!


London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week (LFW) takes place twice a year in the UK’s capital. As London is one of the fashion capital cities of the world, LFW in the spring is a fantastic occasion to hang out with the cream of the fashion world.

At the show, you can shop the latest trends as well as discover what’s in store for the fashion industry over the next few seasons from industry leaders. Don’t forget to pack your fiercest outfits when you arrive at the Chilworth hotel London Paddington. In 2019 LFW is set to take place between the 16th and the 20th of February.


Secret Cinema

There may or may not be a special event which occurs annually during August that lovers of festivals and film will love. This may or may not be called the Secret Cinema. Ok, the jig is up, we admit it. Every year the Secret Cinema presents an opulent spectacle which revolves around one film. During the event, the Secret Cinema goes all out and encourages visitors to do the same with their costumes and decorations to create a truly immersive experience.

This August the film was Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, and

while we don’t know what next year’s film will be, film fans the world over should head to London to take part.

Van Gogh and Britain

Art fans rejoice, the father of modern art himself is coming to London! For anyone with an interest in contemporary art or Van Gogh, this exhibition is not to be missed. It takes place at The Tate Britain in Westminster in March 2019 and will explore Van Gogh’s love of all things British.

The collection will touch on how the works of British artists and authors such as Charles Dickens and John Constable influenced Van Gogh’s work. With so much going on at The Tate Britain throughout the year, there’s always something there to return for.


London Sporting Events

Whether you’re into football, tennis or sports in general, summer in London is the best place to find something to capture your attention. Before dining in one of the finest restaurants near Paddington railway station, you might like to work up an appetite with a little sport.

On the other hand, you could head to Wimbledon, just a 45 minute Tube journey from the Chilworth hotel London Paddington, to watch some of the world’s most celebrated athletes battle it out in the Wimbledon final. You might also like to enjoy the FA cup final, which takes place at Wembley Stadium in May.

Japan House

Opening in June 2018, Japan House has already become “the London home for Japanese creativity and innovation”. With Japan set to host the Olympics in 2020, there’s so much to explore in this homage to all things Japanese. From the architecture to the decor to the food, everything has been inspired by this beautiful and fascinating nation and culture giving you the perfect reason to return to London to experience it firsthand.