Hit the slopes –in Walham Green


 London has more than its fair share of incredible attractions, offering visitors of all ages and interests a wealth of choice when it comes to discovering this vibrant, modern city. Whether a foodie or an art fan, a theatre buff or a history nut, there’s no shortage of options at all price points.

Sport is a big part of life here, and this sporting tradition ensures there’s always something new and exciting to discover. If you’re a fan of skiing, then Walham Green’s Chel-Ski is the perfect way to hit the slopes without leaving the city – but it’s not just for established skiing talent.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, here’s everything you need to know when you plan your own trip…

What is Chel-Ski?

Chel-Ski is an exciting new indoor ski slope, situated close to the Kings Road in the heart of trendy Chelsea. During your stay at a nearby Paddington hotel, this is the perfect space to try your hand at a range of both skiing and snowboarding activities, with the help of the qualified ski instructors on-site.

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced skiing talent, Chel-Ski provides every participant with the ideal space for trying out this popular sport while visiting London. Each session includes an instructor to help you get to grips with the high-tech equipment on offer.

Who is Chel-Ski for?

The sessions at Chel-Ski are suited to a wide range of different fitness levels, skill levels and ages. Adults and children aged 3+ are welcome in groups, though for party bookings the lower age limit is 5+.

Chel-Ski is a great place for those uneasy about skiing to learn without the pressure of a ‘real’ ski slope – and with expert guidance close enough to help out if you get nervous or have difficulty with any of the kit. For those who need a little extra care, Chel-Ski also offers a range of 1:1 sessions designed to instil greater confidence. Assisting with a range of different physical and visual needs, Chel-Ski requests that anyone interested in booking one of these sessions contact the company directly to discuss their requirements. Worth keeping in mind if you want to hit the slopes while taking advantage of our London hotel’s special offers.

Alpine Bar

What ski slope is complete without an alpine bar? Named after the skiing hot spot of St. Moritz, this is the perfect place to relax with a drink after a skiing session or a massage in Paddington. It is also ideal for those who’d rather watch the sporting action than take part. There is a range of food available and an authentic feel. The bar stocks everything from cocktails to beers, wines, soft drinks and smoothies – alongside delicious coffee and après-ski dishes.  Alpine Bar takes bookings for special occasions, with a range of packages and bespoke deals available on request.

How do I book at Chel-Ski?

The facility is open between 10am and 10:30pm, Monday-Sunday. Booking is required in advance. Visitors can book quickly and easily using the Chel-Ski website, and both individual and group sessions can be accommodated. Bookings are usually taken for an hour.