Having Fun In London After Lockdown

Having Fun In London After Lockdown

The second lockdown in the UK saw many people planning for the festive season with the hopes of visiting friends, family and enjoying the great outdoors once again. Unfortunately, with the UK’s new tier system in place, there are more limitations than you might expect. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a trip to London, just that there might be more for you to plan and think about before embarking on your journey.

Whether you’re planning a staycation getaway in London After Lockdown or are visiting for the first time, there are a few hurdles that you’ll have to overcome in terms of health and safety before you can enjoy the city. This blog will break down the events, activities and sights that you can enjoy in London, alongside some advice on how they are working differently and might have changed the way they operate.


Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK

Many museums have reopened since the end of the nationwide lockdown. London’s National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum have all opened their doors once again to visitors, and all for free for their permanent galleries too.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

You will have to book in advance to guarantee admission, many of these galleries and museums are running on limited capacity and not without some closures to wings of their exhibit. The National Portrait Gallery and some other institutions have even designed COVID safe routes around specific parts of their exhibitions, thus decreasing the chances of larger crowds that could spread the virus, and allowing for easier management of the space for staff.

Tourist Attractions

attractions at Winter Wonderland 2018

Tourist attractions such as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge have reopened to the public. Many of the most iconic monuments in the city are outdoors and public-facing anyway, so there’s no reason why you can’t visit Trafalgar Square or take a walk around the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

As with museums and galleries, ticketed historic sites and attractions are running at limited capacity and with a designated time slot with your ticket. You’ll have to book in advance as well, sites like the Tower of London and the Cutty Sark can be extremely popular, especially on the weekends and holiday seasons. These venues will also have a limited capacity.

Live Performance Venues

Live performance has seen a steep decline in regularity over the last 11 months. Thankfully with the emergence of tier 2 in London, theatre, live music and other performance events can no go ahead. Unique performances are now being undertaken at venues such as the Royal Court Theatre and Hackney’s Oslo music performance space.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

If you’re expecting a good dance whilst watching your favourite band, the bad news is that all live music must be seated and socially distanced. Furthermore, there’s no bar service either, whilst theatres are running at a reduced capacity so that seating can be safe and socially distanced.


The Chilworth Restaurant

Restaurants all across London have reopened their doors and many were operating with takeaway services throughout lockdown. Eating your favourite food at home can be a comforting pleasure, but basking in the energising atmosphere of a restaurant is now back on the cards and especially with the added vibrancy of London, is an unmissable experience in the UK capital.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

Restaurants again are working at a limited capacity and therefore require advanced booking to guarantee your table. When eating in a London restaurant, you will be required to wear a mask if not sat at a table, you’ll also find that the restaurant only operates with table service and no bar orders. You’ll have to adhere to the rule of six, and only meet with one other household whilst eating.


Happy young people having fun together in London Bar After Lockdown

Bars have been reopening all around London since the 3rd of December. As one of the best countries in the world for the traditional pub, the drinking culture in England is second to none.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

One of the main differences between pre-second lockdown and post-second lockdown is that pubs in London are only allowed to operate if they serve a “substantial meal” alongside your drinks. You’ll also have to adhere to the rule of six and ensure that you’re only easting and drinking with no more than one other household. Essentially, pubs are operating in much the same way as restaurants are.

Public Transport

Public Transport London Post Lockdown

Public transport is the key to easy travel through London’s 32 boroughs and 1400 square kilometre span. From buses to tube services, London is easy to navigate via public transport and is one of the iconic must-tries on a London visit.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

Throughout the pandemic, the London underground, train and bus services have been running normally. However, it was advised that you don’t use them unless you’re a key worker or it’s completely vital. After our second lockdown, it’s still advised that you limit your journeys, but it is not as strictly regulated. You’ll find all stations and transport systems require you to wear a mask when using their services and hand sanitisation stations at key junctions throughout stations.


Adopt Eco-Friendly Practices at Hotels

Throughout the pandemic, London hotel deals and other offers have had to cancel bookings, or at least were running limited services for key workers only. Now that lockdown has finished, many hotels are reopening their doors to tourists and locals alike.

Key Changes And How They’ll Affect You

The main issue with hotels is that in tier 2, long-distance travel is advised against and you’re not allowed to stay in a room or a household overnight with anyone outside of your core bubble. The Chilworth hotel Paddington London will offer COVID-friendly rooms and flexible check-in and check-out times, with regimented cleaning schedules to ensure that all guests are comfortable and safe during their stays. Make sure to book in advance, many hotels are running a limited service and any hotel meals provided will most likely be room service-oriented.