Great Ideas For A London Lockdown

London Lockdown

At midnight on Wednesday night, the UK was put under a new lockdown. Alleged to only be for a month, the lockdown is due to the rising number of COVID 19 cases, and the worry that there could be a lot more deaths from the virus over the colder winter period. This has meant that all pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and indeed hotels have been shut down to public use. Whilst there are some key differences between this lockdown and the last one, it still means that tourism has all but come to a standstill in London and much of the UK.

From spa weekend packages near me to the many museums of London, those who either live in the city or have found themselves staying here over the lockdown period might feel that there’s not much to do. The fact of the matter is that if you think outside the box, you can use this month for the purposes of R&R and as a chance to see the city in a completely new light. Below is everything you need to know about the new lockdown rules, and how to enjoy London and it’s vibrant culture, scenery and history without breaching the new rules of lockdown.

What Are The Differences Between Lockdown 1 And Lockdown 2?

There are some key differences between this year’s lockdown and the one from earlier in the year. The good thing is that there is slightly more freedom from the get-go compared to the first stint of lockdown at the end of April. Below are some of the ways that this lockdown differs, and why it means that there could still, in some cases be guests at the hotel cleanliness hygiene standards certified Chilworth Hotel.

Schools Are Still Open

For starters, many schools are still open, or at least open to children who are not at risk of serious symptoms from the coronavirus. This means that there is less homeschooling and less pressure on working parents throughout the school day to look after their children.

More People Can Attend Weddings And Funerals

Up to 30 people can attend a funeral, whilst 6 people can attend a wedding. This does not include workers at the events, and you are permitted to travel to another part of the country to attend a wedding or a funeral.

You Can Meet With One Person Outside Your Household

Outside of your household, you can go on socially distanced walks with one other person outside your household. The same goes for people within your household, meaning that you can’t visit people in groups, thus defuncting the rule of 6 that we saw over the tiered period of the last two and half months.

Hotels Can Stay Open For Workers

If you’re a key worker who must travel for your job, then hotels will remain open for you. This means that you can visit the Chilworth London Paddington for your stay in the city. Whether you’re a travelling teacher or doctor or another type of key worker, you can expect top-notch service from the comfort and ease of the city centre.

Garden Centres Can Stay Open

Garden centres are among some of the only non-essential shops that can keep their doors open. London is teeming with beautiful garden centres that reflect the love of botany that the city has. From Hyde Park to the now restricted Columbia Road Sunday flower market, guests and locals in London can at least browse and enjoy a bit of greenery for their home!

What Does This Mean For A London Staycation?

Whilst the London lockdown means that a lot of your tourist options will be restricted under law, there are plenty of ways for London locals and guests at the Chilworth hotel to explore the city safely. Here are some of our healthy travel tips during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Explore Your Parks

Whilst you’re only allowed to meet one person outside of your households, there’s still plenty of opportunities for amazing walks through the parks and reservations in London. Walks and outdoors exercise is still allowed under the UK lockdown, meaning that you can walk, jog and cycle your way around the many beauty spots in the city.

Whilst it’s advised that you don’t use public transport (usage is prioritised for key workers and school children), you can still drive and cycle around the city. There are plenty of cycle paths all across London, many of which will take you directly to the best tourist spots in the city.

Hyde Park

Home to one of the best art galleries in London alongside expansive playing fields, sculptures and historic memorials, Hyde Park is the crown jewel of the six London Royal Parks. Originally opened in 1637 from lands that Henry VIII took from Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park provides access to the beautiful Serpentine Lake (although you can’t swim or sail on it during lockdown) as well as easy access to beautiful greenery and landscaped nature of Kensington Gardens. If you’re a London newcomer looking for a taste of the city over lockdown, then a walk, cycle or jogging trip to Hyde Park should be your first port of call.

Richmond Park

For a more secluded and nature-focused parkland, travel West to Richmond Park with its 955-hectare area and collection of botanic gardens, woodlands and semi-wild deer herds. If cycling, Richmond Park is also easy to navigate through beautiful routes to Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, Bushy Park and along the western banks of the River Thames.

Enjoy London Lockdown Culture

London lockdown culture brings the best of the city’s arts and live performance to your computer screens. If your itinerary of West End theatre performances, live music and comedy have been thwarted by the lockdown, make sure that you make the most of what can be found online. With theatres, live comedy venues and even YouTube channels live streaming socially distanced plays and performances, you’ll also be able to buy tickets for pre-recorded sell-out shows. Check out the Soho Theatre, Royal Court and National Theatre’s collections of contemporary and classic plays, as well as comedy shows from some of London’s hottest acts – perfect for a rainy November day.