Explore spots for tech lovers staying at the Chilworth Paddington

science museum

If you’re a bit of a techie and are heading off to London for a short break, then boy have we got some attractions for you!

Whether you want to discover some important Victorian technology, check out some up to the second tech that’s shaping our world or do a little bit of gadget shopping during your visit, London certainly has something to offer for every type of tech lover.

Science Museum, London

No visit to London would be complete without a visit to the science museum, a mecca for tech lovers from all over the world.

Browse the collections featuring a wide range of tech objects that have shaped our world include x-ray plates, the atomic science exhibition and the wide range of information age objects and displays that only a true techie would appreciate.

However, there are plenty of amazing exhibits that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and interests, so you don’t necessarily need to be a tech lover to enjoy a day at here!

There are so many great exhibits to enjoy at the Science Museum, so make sure that you enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Chilworth Paddington before heading out for the day.

Getting there is straightforward, with the tube leaving from Paddington Station just a short stroll from the Chilworth Paddington every eight minutes. The journey takes just over 15 minutes, so you could get there early and beat the crowds.

Crossness Pumping Station, London

If you want to see some Victorian tech that transformed London into the modern city we see today, then head over to Crossness Pumping Station.

The journey is much easier made by train, so leave the Chilworth Paddington and head towards Paddington Station to begin your journey outside of the city. It might take a while to reach your destination, but this hidden gem is well worth the wait, and you won’t have to tackle the usual London crowds either.

This technological wonder of the industrial age is open to the public, and you’ll be able to find out more about the work of civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette and how he transformed the River Thames from a stinking cesspit and revolutionised the London sewer system.

Although this attraction is located a bit further out, you can maximise your budget with our luxury London hotels special offers, so you’ve got more money to spend on tube tickets or a few souvenirs as mementoes as your time in the capital.

Department stores

If you’ve taken advantage of one of our luxury London hotels special offers, then you should have a little spare change to treat yourself to some new tech to take home with you.

London is famous for its department stores, and there’s plenty to choose from, so spend a few hours browsing the stores and checking out the latest tech gadgets on offer during your visit.