Do Yourself Good: Healthy London Activities For 2021

Healthy London Activities For 2021

Let’s face it; it’s a been a very strange year… and a few months. The odd and trying 2020 has been and gone and now we’re into 2021 – with things still not much changed on the pandemic-front but, thanks to vaccine roll-outs, the hope that eventually things will return to something like normal. But how many things will?

Well, one thing you can rely on returning to how it was, is the opportunity to visit the UK capital once more and discover all its terrific delights. London will open up (sooner rather than later; fingers crossed!) – it’s just waiting for you to be able to explore it again. So, the question has to be asked, if you’re thinking of booking a stay at our glorious hotel, with a wellness-focused stay in the city possibly on your agenda, what are the top healthy activities, for later this year, to throw yourself into on long-awaited getaways in London…?

Go for a Picnic in a Park

Go for a Picnic in a Park

A healthy al fresco lunch, while you get plenty of Vitamin D-rich sunshine, is always a winner, so how better to spend a couple of springtime hours than in Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park or Regents Park, while munching away on a tasty, nutritious meal?
The Royal Parks are certainly the perfect places for a spot of lunch, but then so are so many of the gorgeous green spaces dotted throughout Central London, located here and there to provide a moment’s respite, whatever you might be up to and why ever you might be in the capital.

Hit the West End Shops

West End Shops

Shopping? How’s that a particularly healthy suggestion for 2 night London hotel deals? Well, by flitting from high-street shop to independent boutique to department store all over the West End, what better way to give your feet a work out!

Moreover, shopping can be good for mood, of course; there’s a reason why it’s referred to as ‘retail therapy’ – think of all those happy endorphins a shopping trip generates. So, as you see, there are few downsides to a West End shopping trip… well, apart from the fact your bank or credit card balance will be lighter, afterwards!

Take a Look at The Landmarks

For many a visitor, just walking the grand, wide, centuries-old-buildings-and-statues-filled streets of Central London is beguiling enough, but then to top off that experience by taking in some of the city’s most celebrated landmarks (the likes of Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and so on), just tops it all off perfectly.
To say, a day of such supreme sightseeing will do your positivity, outlook and general mental health good is surely putting it mildly. Especially if you choose a day when the sun’s shining.

Indulge Your Artistic Side – Snap, Sketch or Paint

Finally, while you’re out wandering the capital, you don’t just have to gawp at your surroundings in awe, you can also give those artistic muscles (should you enjoy using them) a thorough work out. How?

Why, by feeding your creative yearnings and taking super shots for your Instagram profile, of course, or by filling your sketch book with pencil-perfect creations or even – if you’ve the necessary utensils with you – by painting a scene or two of your surroundings.

How does a watercolour of Kensington Gardens sound? Or a street scene outside The Chilworth hotel Paddington London? After all, with reduced visitors and traffic, 2021 could be the ideal year for sating such a creative burst on a trip to London!