Beautiful Exhibits to Enjoy at The V&A for Style Fans in December

Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of London’s top venues for design fans and museum enthusiasts alike, offering a world-beating selection of displays and attractions which delight audiences from all around the globe. This December there’s plenty to see and do so here’s our quick round-up of the best exhibits for the month to help you plan your visit.

Visual Feast

Until 7th January 2019

For fans of cutting-edge jewellery taking advantage of our London Paddington hotel deals throughout December, this is a must-visit exhibit. Designer Silvia Weidenbach presents pioneering pieces which use a combination of traditional and more groundbreaking design forms, including 3D printing and silversmithing, to forge eye-catching forms sure to cause a stir.

Fashioned from Nature

Until 27th January 2019

This is the first exhibition in the UK which looks at the connection between nature and fashion, with exhibits dating from the 1600s right through to the present day. Whether a designer looking for inspiration or simply entranced by the fashion world – the exhibit presents an inviting take on how new fabrics were pioneered, and the many different dyeing processes used in design over several hundred years. The exhibit encourages attendees to pay closer attention to where their clothing is sourced, with a look at the very latest technologies and trends which are helping to alleviate waste while remaining fashion forward.

Censored! Stage, Screen, Society at 50

Until 27th January 2019

Fifty years ago, the Theatres Act prevented state censorship involvement in the British stage, and this exhibit is ideal for an alternative exploration of British theatre life after dining at restaurants near Paddington. The exhibit follows the journey of theatre from the 17th century through to the role censorship plays today, and includes highlights from auteurs such as Stanley Kubrick.

Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt

Until 24th February 2019

Video game fans enjoying London Paddington hotel deals will be delighted to see the V&A take on the world of design within the digital world. This exhibition gives a unique and insightful look at the contemporary techniques and technologies used to create some of the world’s most popular gaming experiences. This impressive exhibit has several large-scale and fully-immersive installations and interactive features, as well as a range of concept art pieces and prototypes which give a behind-the-scenes look at how design mixes with tech in gaming.

‘Chippendale in the drawing room’: Beatrix Potter’s fascination with furniture

Until 17th February 2019

Beatrix Potter is known for her stunning stories and artworks about animals, but a lesser known fixation was on the world of furniture design. Yet in her artwork, this obsession shines through – with vividly rendered images of antiques ever-present in the background of her work. This exhibition explores this interest in detail, explaining how her tastes evolved over time and were influenced by a childhood enchantment with all-things design-oriented, as well as pieces she saw in her own relatives’ homes throughout her life.