6 Yoga and Pilates spots near the Chilworth London

Yoga near chilworth

Spots near Chilworth London for Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates both offer a great way of switching off in the city, but you don’t need to go far in search of a yoga studio to help get a few moments of mindfulness during your time in the capital.

London has plenty of spots ideal for a few morning sun salutations, so read on to discover our favourite yoga and Pilates places near to the Chilworth London Paddington hotel.

Hyde Park

Located just a few minutes’ walk away from the Chilworth London Paddington hotel, Hyde Park has a large green space ideal for early morning yoga or Pilates practise.

Early in the morning is the best time to visit Hyde Park and reawaken your senses with some flowing movements as it tends to be much quieter, but you can still find a secluded spot later in the day if you take the time to stroll around the park.

Regent’s Park

With beautifully maintained gardens and oodles of space, Regent’s Park is a mecca for yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, so you’ll be in good company!

Join one of the free yoga groups or go it alone while you watch the sunrise over the magnificent treetops. To get there from the Chilworth London Paddington hotel, take the Tube from Paddington Station which takes just ten minutes.

Once you are feeling re-energised, head back to our spa near Paddington on foot and enjoy a massage after your brisk twenty-minute walk.

Tibetan Peace Gardens

Ideal for meditation, mindfulness and some gentle exercise, grab a yoga mat from our spa near Paddington and head to the Tibetan Peace Gardens. It’s a beautifully tranquil spot located just twenty minutes away via Tube from Paddington Station.

Hampstead Heath

Popular with dog walkers, Hampstead Heath is also an excellent place for a spot of yoga or Pilates with several community groups using the space at weekends. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this quiet spot is well worth the travel time.

Chilworth London Paddington hotel

If the weather is less than inviting, then the Chilworth London Paddington hotel has its very own yoga studio open to guests during the day. There are also two morning yoga sessions to enjoy and of course our excellent spa near Paddington if you feel like a little R&R after your session.

If you’ve left your mat at home, there’re plenty of spares in the hotel, so just head over to reception and we’ll be happy to supply you with one.

Battersea Park

If you fancy heading south of the river for the day but don’t want to miss out on your yoga or Pilates session, then Battersea Park is a wonderful spot filled with stunning water features, well-maintained gardens and beautiful views.

Take a stroll around the park to awaken those muscles before finding a peaceful spot to begin your session; there’s plenty of space so you can really relax without being interrupted by people passing by.