5 Reasons to Disconnect During Your Next Holiday

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Whether you’re going away for a quick weekend break or a longer trip, you might look forward to your holidays, but it can often be hard to disconnect from the usual stresses and activities of daily life. As much as you want, you can often feel pressured into keeping up with your emails, staying on top of the news, your social media feeds, and all the other countless sources of information you are bombarded with daily.

But stepping away from it all and taking time to actively disconnect can have a huge range of benefits. The luxurious surroundings of The Chilworth London Paddington make disconnecting much easier, but if you’re on the fence about why it’s worth switching off, read on to find out more.

It can help you recharge

Stepping away from technology while you’re away on holiday can be a great way to give yourself the time you need to recharge your mind and body, by allowing yourself to rest from the constant stimulation provided by electronic devices. It’s well known that constant exposure to blue light from computer and phone screens can lead to strain and fatigue. In addition, when you’re constantly on alert, waiting for the next notification or urgent message, you’re often never able to fully unwind.

This can often impact your ability to rest at night, or even when you’re out having fun. And over the course of time, that can often leave you feeling drained and mentally or physically exhausted, which is why sometimes you might feel more tired than ever, after coming back from a holiday.

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It can help reduce stress levels

Holidays should ideally be a time to rest and relax. But if you’re trying to juggle trying to keep on top of your usual tasks online, while still trying to have a good time away, it can sometimes feel even more stressful. It’s hard to fully appreciate the wonderful moments that can come up on holiday when your thoughts are preoccupied with worries or anxious thoughts about something happening elsewhere.

Disconnecting from technology is a clear way of removing many of the external sources of stress in your life. Use the time and space to immerse yourself in something new instead, by exploring a new part of the city, taking a walk in some of the beautiful open-air spaces around London, or treating yourself to a little bit of luxury.

It can help you manage your time more effectively

Deciding to disconnect on your holiday doesn’t have to mean missing out from the important things happening elsewhere in the world. However, instead of leaving you feeling like you are trying to do everything at once, disconnecting can allow you to manage your time much more efficiently, by freeing up time for other activities instead.

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You can also allow a little time every day, or on selected days during your break, to check in to see if there is anything important that you need to address. This can help you limit your time online in a more effective way, while still allowing plenty of room to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time away.

It’ll help you reconnect 

When you’re on holiday with friends and family, you probably hope and plan to spend a little more time together, enjoy each other’s company and make some great memories. But when you’re constantly distracted by technology, it can be surprisingly difficult to connect with those around you. While it might feel like staying plugging in helps you to stay connected to those further away, it can often lead to you feeling distanced from the people you might have travelled to see or spend time with.

Instead, you can use your holiday to allow more time for each other and make the effort to enjoy each other’s company by getting to know one another again.

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As well as letting you feel more connected with the people you’re travelling with, taking a step back can often have the added advantage of helping you connect more effectively with others overall, by showing you the importance of spending more time in person when you return.

You’ll learn to set better boundaries

Another great advantage of spending your holiday time disconnecting is that it can often help you develop better habits around technology, that you can carry on afterwards in your daily life, following your return. A week-long digital detox, where you might minimise your use of social media, might leave you feeling that you don’t actually need to spend as much time as you think, in order to stay up to speed on all the latest gossip and news.

Planning to disconnect before and around your holiday can also be a great lesson in boundary setting, as it encourages you to think ahead. You might want to decide certain times or dates when you will be available to be contacted and exclude other periods, or you may want to set other specific boundaries.

After your holiday, you can still keep these boundaries in place in some form, helping you to keep the relaxed, stress-free atmosphere of your holiday through your everyday life.