5 Iconic Buildings That Make the London Cityscape So Unique


The London skyline is world-famous, with a combination of old and new buildings helping to create a unique view no matter where you look. These five iconic buildings in London have all helped contribute to London cityscape, providing visitors with plenty to explore during their stay.

Buckingham Palace

Arguably the most famous palace anywhere in the globe, Buckingham Palace is the official royal residence of the UK’s monarch, as well as a seat of all things regal in the British government. Whether hosting foreign dignitaries for state banquets or the annual Trooping the Colour military celebration, this building is both unique and iconic. Located in central London, there isn’t anywhere else quite like it, and visitors regularly flock to visit the state rooms when they open for the summer. Whilst the palace itself is closed to tourism during the autumn and winter, it is still impressive to behold from the exterior, and located within easy reach of the Chilworth hotel London.

The Gherkin

One of the more modern additions to London’s skyline, this building was originally the subject of much ridicule – but has since become synonymous with city life. Forged with glass and designed by architect Norman Foster, this building is more formally known as 20 St Mary Axe, though ‘the Gherkin’ is considered more fitting by locals. With 41 floors, it is part of London’s major financial district, the City of London.

Houses of Parliament

Sometimes better known as the Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament are now home to the UK’s government, including both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Housed along the side of the River Thames, this is certainly one of the most famous sights in the city. Once home to medieval royalty, the original palace was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the stunning Gothic Revivalist style we see today. Whilst taking advantage of London hotels special offers, no trip to London is complete without getting a closer glimpse at this British institution.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Without doubt one of the most iconic structures in London, St Paul’s Cathedral is not only enormous, but historic. After you’ve sampled some of the best restaurants near Paddington Station, a trip to St Paul’s is certainly never wasted – and will help you see the city from a different perspective. First founded in AD 604, the cathedral has been rebuilt several times since then, with the latest addition dating to the 17th century and designed by famed architect Christopher Wren. This building marked part of a major regeneration project after much of the city was destroyed by the Great Fire of London, and today is home to both regular church services and major cultural events in Britain.

The Shard

It’s hard to miss this enormous building as you travel through London. Stretching out high into the sky and offering some of the best views in the city from its top layer, this is another more recent part of London’s skyline but has already taken on iconic status.


  1. What is the most famous building in London?

The famous buildings and architecture in London are:

  • Westminster Abbey.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Pancras Renaissance London Hotel
  • National Theatre. …
  • Drapers Hall
  • Battersea Power Station
  • The Gherkin.
  1. What is the weird shaped building in London?

Most Weirdest building in London is 30 St Mary Axe

  1. What buildings are in London?

Important building tourists must visit are:

  • Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Tower Of London.
  • Church of St. Bartholomew the Great.
  • The Gherkin.
  • The Leaden Hall Building.
  • The Shard.
  • Palace of Westminster.
  • The ‘Walkie Talkie Building
  1. What is London best known for?

London is a famous city for modern & old architecture, and these attract a lot of tourists from all around the world. Most of the famous architectures are Big Ben, London Tower Bridge, The Buckingham Palace, etc.